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dave graney and the mistLY . (Moodists- Coral Snakes - mistLY). Imagine a band with a singer-songwriter and drummer who have played music together for three decades and been involved in approximately 30 album releases. Thats punk - post punk, through the age of vinyl and cassettes pre youth broadcasting , hip hop and pre Nirvana and post digital ages. Then add a young guitarist (stuart Perera) as a teen back in 1998 and a gun bass player -singer (Stu Thomas ) in 2004. All the skirmishes, firefights, street battles, campaigns, triumphant victories , long drives, flights and marches they have been through together. Then they walk on to the stage and play.

Thats what dave graney and the mistLY bring to the stage when they play.

Their latest album, “play mistLY for me” is digital only and is the first of two releases planned for 2015.