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To celebrate a whole year of What Double J Should Sound Like™ cloud-casts, DJ’s Jay Katz, Campbell Drummond and Maynard are taking carefully chosen portions of their massive record collections and truckloads of their unquestionably eclectic musical taste into the live arena! Dust off your party threads and favourite sneakers and get ready to hit the rug as this ragged band of DJ’s recreates the cutting edge sound of the original 2JJ and beyond!

Campbell Drummond is the guy who started “What Double J Should Sound Like™”. Having grown up listening to the original 2JJ he was sickened to hear what the ABC was offering up on their new Double J digital radio platform and decided to do something about it!. Campbell has been collecting records for over 35 years and has promoted, and DJed dozens of underground dance parties across the last 2 decades under the name crookedmouth and currently runs the Semi//Detached parties (with the beautiful and talented HipHopHoe) and Park Beats N.Y.E. party, suffice to say he has loads of great tunes!

Maynard worked at Triple J from 1985 to 1994 during which time he hosted The Breakfast Show J Klub and Sunday Afternoon Fever. He loves his retro and will bring his 90s sound with him.

Tokyo Paradise Ska Orchestra, T.I.S.M, Ratcat and other shameless sounds for your guilty pleasure.

Jay Katz worked as producer at Triple J during the late 80s, His work included the original news/ current affair program "The Drum" and paneling H.G Nelson before Roy.

Co creator of "The Sounds Of Seduction" nightclub alongside his wife Miss Death. Co Curator of :The Mu-Meson Archive*. Co-host of the ill fated F.B.I radio show "The Naked City" and much more......... Expect the unexpected to say the least, there will be a definite nod to The Sounds Of Seduction footstompers, a 70s punk?no wave assault and much rare groove vinyl action

Katz will also utilize the mircrophone during the set to invoke the essence of the Double J radio jock, it could be compared to a live radio seance with a dance floor fever……