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We didn’t mean it. We didn’t. It was just a joke, a prank, payback for something terrible. And plus, he deserved it.

Braydon is a skid-mark on the toilet of humanity that refuses to move, even after several flushes. When he makes an unforgivably humiliating Facebook post about sweet, nice, dux-of-the-school, Grace, her friends decide it’s time to break out the bleach.

But a 2am prank fuelled by indignation and lolly snakes, turns potentially deadly. They can’t take it back and nothing they do can fix it. The program of activities for the 2015 Westwood High School Leadership Camp is swept down the river, replaced by rumours, accusations and a police investigation.

A desperate night search sends teenagers traipsing through the bush confronting serious moral dilemmas like 'what are you prepared to do to protect your future?', and 'are Hot Mexican Chilli Doritos too spicy to eat?'. A serial killer might be haunting the camp, picking off the students one by one and selling them to Subway as sandwich meat, or something much more serious might be going on.

Thrilling, frightening and funny, Through the Murk will ensure you’ll never look at a roll of gaffer tape the same.

Warning: Through the Murk contains genuine teenage language not suitable for young people under the age of thirteen or adults with delicate ears.

North Ryde School of Arts

201 Coxs Road North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia

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Ryde Youth Theatre
City of Ryde

City of Ryde

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