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Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a Führer and his Nazis, a young Catholic boy and a pair of Jewish orphans.

Set in 1953 Amsterdam, The Doorbell is inspired by the story of the seventeen-year-old playwright Rachel Rasker’s Grandmother who survived the Holocaust hidden from the Nazis while her parents died in concentration camps.

In the aftermath of one of the worst times in human history, Marja and Mischa must find a way to live in the present and make a meaningful future. How do you go to school, make friends and help with the housework after the Nazis have murdered your family.

Fairytales and shadow puppets weave through this story of secrets, guilt, revenge, and an undeniable hope that surfaces every time the doorbell rings.

Brush Farm House

19 Lawson Street Eastwood Ryde 2122, Australia

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Ryde Youth Theatre
City of Ryde

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