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Shannon is one of Brisbane city’s coolest and captivating musicians and is renowned throughout the east coast’s jazz and funk communities as the trumpet player of choice and an engaging vocalist full of soul.
As a professional musician based in Brisbane, Shannon has been integral to the local music scene as a long-time member of many of the city’s luminary bands including AfroDizziAct, The West End Composer’s Collective, his own group The Souls Almighty (featuring legendary guitarist Jim Kelly) as well as the EMO Orchestra. As a leading Australian instrumentalist he has performed and toured throughout Australia and overseas with his own band as well as with some of the country’s brightest stars including Wendy Matthews, Doug Parkinson, Glenn Shorrock, Rhonda Burchmore, Tim Draxl’s Chet Baker Show FREEWAY and regularly works alongside Australia’s own James Morrison playing in his Funk & Motown show.

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