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We all have gifts to share – with friends, loved ones, and in our work in the world. How do we access and express our genius and share our gifts? How do we sift through the noises in our heads that tell us we aren’t good enough, or aren’t deserving? How do we include our full vulnerability while simultaneously commanding presence and making a difference? 

In a safe and structured container, using breath, dialogue, movement, and conscious games, we’ll explore tools for standing up, growing into deeper appreciation of ourselves, and sharing our gifts with the world.

Over the weekend, participants will be guided by our international guest Rick Smith.Most known for his work in education, Rick has presented to over 100,000 people worldwide over the past twenty years.

In his workshops, he shows how “assuming the best” about ourselves and each other can result in true and lasting magic. Rick’s emotional sensitivity, goofy sense of humor, and commitment to kindness contribute to his deep presence as a facilitator.

Being comfortable during the practice is really important

Please bring;

Yoga Mat (preferably 2)

Pillow for your head

2x Cushions


Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

110-112 Argyle Street Fitzroy Yarra 3065, Australia

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Raquel Woods
'Event Manager'

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