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// Are you worried about how much time your child spends plugged in to digital devices?

// Are you wondering why your child has ‘techno-tantrums’ when you ask them to switch off the gaming console, or pass back your smartphone? [This is actually a neurobiological response and ‘normal’ as Kristy will explain.]

// Do you know how screens may be adversely impacting your child’s attention span, self-regulation, physical, fine motor, language and memory skills and the simple strategies you can implement to ensure these aren’t compromised in the digital world?

// Do you know the essential things that parents must do to ensure that screens don’t adversely impact your child’s vision, hearing and posture?

Today’s parents are worried and unsure about raising kids in a tsunami of screens. We’re often given confusing and often conflicting advice about young kids and technology. We know that they’ll inherit a digital world, so digital abstinence is not the solution. But we also fret about their digital habits.

Let Dr Kristy de-bunk the myths and misinformation about raising kids in a digital world.

Dr Kristy Goodwin, one of Australia’s leading children’s technology, learning and development experts (and mums who also has to wrestle devices from her children’s clutches!), takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in a digital world. Kristy translates the latest research into practical and digestible information for parents trying to navigate the digital terrain with their kids (without telling you to ban the iPad, or unplug the TV).

Kristy arms parents with facts, not fears about what young kids really need to thrive online and offline in the digital world.

Come along to Kristy’s parent seminar Raising Your Child in a Digital World and put an end to your techno-guilt and worry for good.

Geelong West Town Hall

153 Pakington Street Geelong West Greater Geelong 3218, Australia

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