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by Oneness University

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Be nurtured, nourished, revitalised, empowered and healed at every level of your being; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

- effortless on your part

- a gift to you. 

over 20,000 people have attended this program worldwide

This program is a world phenomenon gathering pace....

be part of it!



An awesome weekend course for spiritual awakening and personal transformation

Conducted by Awakened Guides and transmitted entirely from Oneness University, India, a university of consciousness

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  • Experience the most profound and insightful teachings regarding the human condition helping you to see and understand your life in a new way
  • Clear blockages and stuck emotions that may be limiting your experience of an abundant, fulfilled life
  • Prepare to receive the Gift of your deepest desire - yes you get to re-design your life the way you want it to be and you get to enjoy living it.
  • Experience a live, online meditation with Sri Bhagavan, founder of Oneness University (a new component in the course)


When: Saturday 25 March 2017 9:00am to 9:00pm

Sunday 26 March 2017 8:00am to 5:00pm

This is a 2-day coursethat over 20,000 people attended worldwide last year. Thousands of miracles have been reported along with people reconnecting with family and healing of personal relationships, growth in their business/career, regaining of self – love, a deeper connection with their higher self, feeling much lighter, enormous gratitude and so much more!
The Oneness University Guides teach this course via direct link from Oneness University in India onto the big screens in Melbourne.

Course content includes:

Being able to apply the seven activities of the mind to heal relationships.

Know & experience the nine steps of Intention that allows individuals to better manifest their desires.

Experience & be able to meditate.

This 2 day intensive will take participants through an amazing inner journey of self realization and healing, leading to a state of deep awareness and inner calm.

  • In today’s inescapable change, it is vital to discover a pathway to stillness. It is this stillness that anchors us while the storm in our outer world rages on. This pathway to stillness must be consistent, reliable and sustainable.

    THE PHENOMENON AND THE GIFT weekend is for those who want to access that still point within and then use that still point as a springboard to manifest what they desire.

    You experience EXTRAORDINARILY PINPOINT ACCURATE teachings to access this still point QUICKLY and CONFIDENTLY. An explosion of insight goes off in your head that impels you forward. New pathways of expression and creativity open up. New connections emerge. New possibilities take shape.

    Don't miss this powerful 2-day program where you:
    *Receive mystical yet practical teachings
    *How to SHIFT from low to higher states of consciousness
    *Get 9 steps process to MANIFEST what you want
    *Learn a powerful NEW meditation process to take you quickly to the still point in YOUR heart
    *Take part in GENTLE processes that ROCKET your consciousness level upward

    BONUS - a very RARE opportunity to sit in meditation with the GREAT TEACHER. Sri Bhagavan who has connected thousands of people DIRECTLY to the still point within.

So to recap, imagine yourself sitting in the elegant Novotel Melbourne Glen Waverley Ballroom on 25th and 26th March 2017. You will seeing the Oneness University Guides on the big screens, interacting with us directly from the Oneness University, India. They will be sharing the most penetratingly accurate, life-transforming teachings available anywhere on the planet regarding the human condition — and you will understand your life in a way you may never have done before! You will also be given an easy, effortless way to connect to the very best part of you, to your higher sacred self, and to use that connection to support yourself and others and to truly fulfil your life's desires - this is the 'Gift'. Kundalini processes will bring about powerful personal transformations enabling you to experience more of the aliveness in you.

This will be highligted by a live, online meditation with Sri Bhagavan on the Saturday evening. This will be a powerful new component to the program - an extraordinary spiritual opportunity to experience the power of the Golden Orb-Supreme Light.

This event is an extraordinary response to the need of our time — the need for a rise in collective consciousness to cope with the relentless, rapid changes we are witnessing. Many people are experiencing greater than ever challenges in individual life — in personal finances, relationships and health. Collectively, we face climatic, governmental, economic and environmental meltdowns. Moreover, the world is changing at such a rapid pace that we find ourselves in confusion and uncertainty, lacking effective coping strategies. The inability to cope lowers the level of consciousness. Comprehensive solutions can only come from a higher level of consciousness.

What is needed now to decrease humanity's suffering is a rise in our collective consciousness, that is, a transformation from fear and separation to harmony, compassion and connection. The Phenomenon of the Golden Orb, a transformational energy anchored by the Oneness University in India, facilitates this needed shift.

Many of us are consciously seeking a way to relieve human suffering. Others are aware of the challenges humanity faces but are at a loss for what they can do to help. The Phenomenon and The Gift weekend is here to naturally and gently raise our consciousness and give us a beautiful way to help ourselves & others grow.

This program was launched in the US in November 2015 and continues to be offered around the world. Participants report that the energy is 'off the charts' and report experiencing a deepening personal fulfilment and connectedness. Oneness University reports that 80% of those attending the The Phenomenon & The Gift course are experiencing  consistent, ongoing miracles in their life both large and small. The course has been conducted in Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth and in Christchurch NZ with great results for the participants. Now it is time for the Golden Orb Energy to grace Melbourne in a big way.

We look forward to sharing this amazing weekend with you.

What past participants have shared about this course:

“Such an amazing weekend experiencing wonderful powerful shifts and feeling so loved. Very grateful to all involved in making this happen touching all our beautiful hearts” - Tanya Spelta, Cairns

"When the email came in about the (P&G) weekend I knew that was it…

The biggest miracle is that the anxiety that was plaguing me has completely gone! I feel free like I have never felt before! Any fear, loneliness, feelings of overwhelm at the state the world is in have gone. Instead I feel centred, connected. I feel a deep silent reassuring peace. I feel so much love in my heart, happiness in life. When I have moments of disconnect, it’s okay for they are so temporary. I feel optimism where before I would feel overwhelmed.

I do a lot of activist work for environment and animal rights and it would get me down so much. I would feel that we were fighting a losing battle. I felt panic for my son and future generations. Now I believe we can turn it around. I believe consciousness is rising and we are becoming more connected with each other. I see every small action that I take and I have hope. Whereas before I felt defeated, that it was all futile. What difference could I ever make? Now I feel the determination of a warrior that never gives up. I feel my divine in nature. I am a surfer and one of the biggest miracles for me is being in the water and catching waves. My love for our environment and its’ creatures knows no bounds. Since the weekend I feel I have literally had ‘conversation’ with my divine through wildlife especially. At the weekend I asked the Golden Orb to always come surfing with me. Since then I have experienced dolphins come so close and surf the waves around me. One even flipped on its side, showing its belly as it surfed past, as if to raise its flipper in a ‘hello’. The love and joy that gave me is indescribable. There have been schools of fish around my surfboard or in the waves in front of me. Birds flying so close to my head I can feel and hear the air move with their wings. These are miracles!

This is a connectedness I thought I had before but it is has become so much deeper. It feels almost tangible at times and so much more constant!

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and love for your having created this immense opportunity of the weekend. May the light of all that were present spread far and wide! Namaste" - Ariane de Geus, Sydney

“The strength of love & compassion flowing from India enabled us to easily access and release deep emotions & hurts. The resulting feeling of freedom was palpable. I have never seen so much collective joy and happiness expressed as at the weekend’s end.” - Aarn Tate, Christchurch

This course is open to everyone...there are no prerequisites to attend. Spaces are limited so book now to secure your place. We have a special $100 earlybird deposit system where you pay this deposit to secure your place and then pay the earlybird balance of $285 by 10th March.

What others around the world are saying about Oneness...

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"We have been privileged to experience the Oneness Blessings and teachings of 'Oneness', which have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be integrated with all in our relationships." HUGH JACKMAN ACTOR, PRODUCER & MUSICIAN-AUSTRALIA

"Oneness gives us life's ultimate gift, an opportunity for deeper and richer relationships, with those we love, our creator, and even ourselves. I have shared this with many of my platinum members.” TONY & SAGE ROBBINS

"The Oneness experience is a powerful catalyst to open to your personal relationship to the Divine - whatever that means for you. The consistent joy and ease it brings to your life is exciting and inspiring." MARIEL HEMMINGWAY - Actress, Activist - USA

"The Oneness experience gives us the opportunity to connect to that which we long for, our Higher Self, giving us the ability to experience peace and guidance and to fulfil our life's purpose." DONNA KARAN FASHION DESIGNER-USA

Century Walk Glen Waverley - next to the venue

Novotel Melbourne Glen Waverley


Organiser Information

Lisa Cassetta
Oneness Australia
0410 643 083

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