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TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process is a musical group process that combines, voice, movement and rhythm using the body as the primary instrument. Join us for a fun and engaging workshop with the inimitable John Anderson, certified TaKeTiNa teacher visiting Melbourne. No musical experience necessary!

TICKETS: $20 / $25 + BF online, $25 / $30 at the door

$39 Special for 2 (Bring a friend NEW to TaKeTiNa)


CONTACT: Andy Harrison, Director, Melbourne Piano School. 0417561473

About TaKeTiNa:

In your daily life, TaKeTiNa can help you to:

- experience a profound state of peace, relaxation and inner silence

- develop presence and expanded perception

- improve your attention and ability to stay focused for long periods

- manage chaotic life situations with creativity, humour and effectiveness

- decrease your anxiety about making mistakes and always getting things right

If you are a musician or performer, TaKeTiNa can help you to:

- discover a deep and embodied understanding of rhythm

- stay attuned to your audience while performing in a natural and spontaneous way

- realize your potential with improvisation and composition in any craft

- increase competence with instrumental playing and improvising

Note: This workshop is not specifically oriented towards musicians/performers. TaKeTiNa is a group process which activates human potential and can be applied to any profession or aspect of your life.

TaKeTiNa was developed by Austrian musician Reinhard Flatischler after years of travelling the world's cultures seeking that which is both universal and human in the language of music.


I've been playing music for 58 years.... since I was 10. What I love about TaKeTiNa, which I chanced upon 20 years ago (and have been studying intensively for 5) is how it brings together any group of people using the simplest method: the voice.... speaking rhythmic syllables (eg. "ta ke ti na"), then the feet stepping, then the hands clapping.... and finally the voice singing in response to the leader's calls. It's a graceful and flexible process in which deep integration of body-mind-spirit is possible. It's now my music of choice.... I like to call it "Bare bones Music"

Hosted by Melbourne Piano School
St Stephen's Anglican Church, Richmond

360 Church Street Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

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Andy Harrison
Melbourne Piano School

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