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In a world full of fast paced change, complexity and busyness, goals and plans are seeming less relevant.  Trying to control is a sure way of becoming exhausted, frustrated and burnt out.  But what's the alternative?

There are many misconceptions about surrender.  It's not "giving up", "leaving it all to the universe", "doing nothing."  To surrender is to stop resisting. When you do this you allow ease, grace and flow into your life.  You can achieve more success by doing a lot less!  You will experience less stress and frustration because you are now working with the flow, not against it. You will get more insight into where you are meant to be because you are working with the plan as it's unfolding not the plan in your head!   In this practical workshop you will learn:

  • the practical skills of surrendering - how to turn an aspiration into some real steps
  • mindfulness techniques that will support this process
  • how to let go of control in a way that is friendly to your brain!
  • an insight into the leverage points that support surrender - your inner purpose
  • Some daily rituals that will guide you

Join co-Founder of Mind Gardener and Hay House author Susan Pearse as she shares the skills that will be critical in 2017 and beyond.

The workshop will run from 915am to 415pm.  

Brisbane - inner city location TBA


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Susan Pearse

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