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KARL S. WILLIAMS is a guitar-slinging, banjo-wielding freak equally adept at heart shredding piano with a voice that will confound expectations. Over the past few months KARL S. WILLIAMS has taken his new album ‘Heartwood’ around the country supporting BUSBY MAROU, played one of the most talked about sets at BigSound and headed to New York City to Showcase at the CMJ Music Marathon. Returning to home soil in November, KARL S. WILLIAMS will be playing a run of festivals such as Bridge Town Blues, Queenscliff Music Festival, Drop In Festival and Festival Of The Sun, with a few intimate headline shows in between.

The first single from ‘Heartwood’ is the stomping ‘Time Bomb’ with “I’m a daisy cutting, motherfucking judgement day” proving to be one of the more memorable choruses of 2014. Since it’s initial release the backbone of “Heartwood” has been the Jeff Buckleyesque piano song “Is This Love” which showcases what is truly special about Karls voice. “Is This Love” is scheduled for release in early 2015, before he starts working on album number two.

His stunning performance at BigSound in September received rave reviews and had him named as one of 10 of the buzziest bands at the conference by The Guardian and in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top Five Acts.

Praise for Karl S. Williams

"Karl S. Williams gives the best indication of his enormous talent we've heard yet" - Double J

" The spellbound crowd stand mesmerised, transported via the power of one man and his voice alone." - Blank GC

“Folk, blues and soul influences delivered with a style that never seems like its merely recreating the past. 4 & ½ Stars” - Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail

“Not a false step anywhere to be seen. A music chameleon with talent oozing from every groove. If you don’t buy many albums, make this one a must” - Rob Dickens

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