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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I’m guessing you notice that your body has changed, and you often find yourself comparing the body you have now, with what it once was! You look in the mirror and judge yourself for not being what you think you should be.

The crazy thing is you’ve judged your body for years, and the truth is you never really celebrated what you had back then either, did you? Now when you look back at photos of yourself, you wish your body was as terrible as you thought it was back then! You wish you’d noticed how gorgeous your figure was, how supple your skin was, how strong your legs were. You wish you had celebrated the gorgeous woman you now realise you were.

You would like to know how to really express yourself with your style, and be happy with your body. Instead you find yourself wearing the same old thing, thinking about how you can cover up and wearing an outfit that can only be referred to as “make do”! One thing is for sure you don’t think about celebrating who you are, but you know you’d like too!

The secret to making peace with the mirror is to learn to use your style to activate self- love, not self- loathing.

The question is, will you look back on photos of now and think the same thing? OR will you finally learn how to make the most of gorgeous you and look back fondly on the photos you see?

I know you want to feel gorgeous when you look in the mirror and you hear all the time that you should be happy with who you are. The big question is HOW??

Maybe you have already declared you are going to stop worrying so much. You realise you are only comparing yourself to airbrushed images in the media, and the worlds view of beauty seems a bit screwed up. You’ve already decided you want to celebrate being uniquely gorgeous you.

The big question is how?

The truth is, if you have been shopping for 20 years and you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, you don’t know what you need to know!! If you’re NOT putting on an outfit every day that feels like you are really expressing yourself and helps you feel more confident about being you, you don’t know what you need to know!

We can talk all day about WHY we feel the way we do, and observing your stuff is the first step!! Though the real change happens when you learn HOW to love your body and love yourself.

Join this workshop and find out how to activate self-love with your style,

How to use your style to celebrate who you are,

How to dress your gorgeous body and truly express yourself,

And most importantly……….How to make peace with the mirror!

You know you deserve too, so will you join me?

This will be a beautiful journey of discovery, of you uncovering all that is gorgeous about you regardless of your age, size or body shape. In fact you are going to give that woman underneath all that judgement the chance to be heard and seen, you’re going to get to know you.

Yes we are going to talk all things style and I’m going to give you guidelines to make sure you have success when getting dressed. You’re going to learn practical strategies to build a wardrobe full of value, and what style combinations work and why! There will even be real life models showing off their own lumps and bumps, giving you examples of what styles will work for you and most importantly why!

BUT this is not a space where I will sell and tell the same old stories of how to you could be better. I am not going to lay down rules to live by in order to meet the world’s ideal of who you should be, and how you should look. I just want you to learn to see the gorgeous unique woman you already are!

I am going to give you practical strategies and tips you need to stand in full self-expression. To let yourself be seen as you! You’re going to learn to activate self-love with your style and feel truly gorgeous about being you!

My biggest wish is for you to find the freedom to be you, to make peace with the mirror.

If this is your wish too, grab your ticket now, don’t miss the chance to find your gorgeous!


- Make Peace With The Mirror Workshop 1pm – 4pm Including- Afternoon Tea, coffee and tea. AND style and wardrobe tools to take home!

Dulce Jo Co

3/216 David Low Way Peregian Beach Noosa 4573, Australia

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Mandy Hargreaves
Finding Gorgeous

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