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The SHE Economy is here. You're invited to join the conversation on The Future of Women in Business and Leadership. With two panel discussions on the future of women at work, where and how we engage, connect and collaborate as well as the space and focus of building community for business growth and learning.

With more and more women taking key leadership roles across large organisations, building businesses and start-ups at a record rate globally and innovating to change the way we work, contribute to society and manage our personal lives in ways that have not been possible before, now is the time to talk about what the future looks like!  


MC – Suzanne Chadwick is the founder of The Connection Exchange, a Melbourne based company providing business and brand strategy coaching & consulting to a wide range of businesses and supporting women in business to play a bigger game.

With 2 panel discussions during the evening, you’ll hear from women who are working across a range of leadership and business roles as well as a few living the Slash Career.

Panel 1 - The future of work, where and how we engage, connect and collaborate.

We'll be talking about what women in 2017 want from career & business, how they are making career and business decisions and their search for spaces and places that are focused on building community for business growth and learning.

Panel 2 - will be discussing the future of leadership in the workplace and in business.

Where women are leading the way, the new fem-c-suite and how they are leading in a new age of business and what we believe the future of women in business looks like both in corporate and the entrepreneurial world. With many women embracing the slash career with corporate, business, family and passion working alongside each other more and more.

As the world becomes a smaller place with offices and coworking spaces becoming more collaborative environments, we as women and natural networkers and communicators are thriving in the ever-changing and challenging environment.

Join other EPIC Women in business for an evening of powerful conversations, interesting discussions and thoughtful future predictions. One not to miss!


One Roof is only a 5 minute walk from Flinders street station and there is parking at Eureka Tower opposite the venue - but please check parking rates before you drive in to ensure you are aware of paying rates.

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We are thrilled to have such amazing sponsors.  With our gold event sponsor - BankWest supporting the conversation on The Future of Women in Business and Leadership.  

We want to thank Morris Bear Design, Pickford Media and Melanie Van Kuyk as our creative partners.

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