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Probiotics and a healthy microbiome in our digestive tract is now recognised as one of the most critical conditions for our health and wellbeing. While it is obvious when it comes to many digestive disorders recent research has shown it can be involved in virtually every form of chronic illness. A study in 2016 for example confirmed that up to 50% of Parkinson’s disease can be related to an unhealthy gut microbiome. While many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and even acne as well as alzheimer’s, MS, allergies, diabetes type 1 and 2 and high blood pressure are all related to a healthy gut. Even weight gain and weight loss is influenced by your gut microbiome, that is why diets don’t work because they don’t create a healthy gut. 

Both directly and indirectly a healthy gut can determine how healthy you are and even how much weight you put on. However, a healthy gut is determined by many more factors than just supplementing with probiotics or eating yoghurt. So come along to our presentation if you want to know what else makes a health gut microbiome.

Conditions we now know that can be improved by improving the gut microbiome include


Depression and mental illness

Anxiety & Stress

ADHD & Autism

Cognitive decline




Constipation & Diarrhoea

Allergies & Hay Fever

Cold & Flu



Metabolic syndrome

High blood pressure

Skin health

Dental Health

Weight Loss