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Bronnie Ware – Bloom

The Courageous Path of Regret-Free Living

Do you feel a yearning for joy, to be who you came here to be, to create a life free of regret?

There is a longing within us all. It is a call from the heart. To truly honour that call takes courage, surrender, and breaking through upper limits. In doing so, life is then permitted to bestow the blessings upon you it is patiently holding for your readiness.

Your life is created by the decisions you make every single day. Some of those choices are conscious. Many are not. Without taking ownership of your decision-making processes, you are blindly sailing straight for the dead-end harbour of regret.

We are all on limited time. Yet we also have the freedom to make conscious choices on how we spend that precious gift remaining.

Living in a world where ‘should’ is given unnecessary power, it can take immense courage to find and then honour your calling, often going against the expectations of others by allowing yourself to be led by your heart. But it is where the authentic, individual blessings truly await.

“Regardless of how difficult any challenge is, it will never be as painful as lying on your deathbed full of regret, contemplating the choices you could have made but didn’t.” Bronnie Ware.

Join Bronnie for an evening of inspiring stories, music, humour, meditation, and written exercises, as you are led to finding the courage needed to honour your heart’s own voice and step up into your absolute best self.

Bronnie shares the tools she has created to transform her own life after witnessing the anguish of regrets amongst her dying patients and then living through debilitating disease herself. Understanding the difference between knowing what to do and actually applying that wisdom into day-to-day practice, Bronnie has developed strategies enabling her to live completely on her own terms.

In this powerful event, you will:

  • Learn to recognise your heart’s voice and how it calls you.
  • Recognise upper limits and acknowledge where they hold you back.
  • Understand the blessings of surrender and how to allow it.
  • Recognise the importance of space and develop tools to increase it.
  • Understand the importance of real-life connections through fun.
  • Make peace with the choices you have made so far.
  • Understand the global need for you to be your best self.
  • Experience individual learning in a loving and fun group atmosphere.
  • Recognise your beauty and worth.
  • Find clarity on what you can do next.
  • Create workable steps toward lasting change. 

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