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Emerging from our season of extended stillness into the sunshine of summer. Live sound sessions are back!

Come and be bathed in a sound bath of sublime bliss, a deep journey in pure light and sonic vibration to achieve deep relaxation, release and healing on all levels. Experience the elevating resonance of a deeply relaxing sound healing guaranteed to soothe your soul and revive your spirits for the Summer season.

This healing Soundscape falls just after the Super New Moon Solar Eclipse which is the perfect time for setting intentions and clearing karmic patterns which hinder our progress, setting you free to soar on wings of desire into the future that You want to create. Intention + Sound = Healing. 

Treat yourself to the experience of being immersed in the sonic resonance of bright gongs, bronze and crystal singing bowls, chimes, therapeutic percussion to ground you and sound meditation to uplift your soul. Let yourself be transported by the sublime sounds of subtle water gongs combined with the fire of antique singing bowls, precision tuned planet gongs and elemental artisan crafted gongs, unique silver and titanium sound instruments ... to experience deeply restorative relaxation, recalibrating your nervous system, relieving tension, refreshing your mind.

Being immersed in an ocean of sound allows healing to occur at a deep level. The sonic vibrations of these ancient instruments of sound help to clear negativity and old habits leaving you open for new ideas to emerge with the pure tones of quartz crystal.

Breath and gentle movement will help you open to the healing effects of the sound, supporting you in your journey through specific therapeutic sequences delivered by experienced sound healers and gong masters.

You need to bring everything to keep you completely cosy and comfortable - a mat, blanket or sleeping bag to lay on, a shawl or blanket to cover yourself during deep relaxation, cushions to support you, eye pillow to cover your eyes and water to drink ~ absolutely everything you need to be completely comfortable.
Nothing will be provided under current COVID management regulations.

QR scan check in is required for everyone attending.

Plus Proof of Double Vaccination or approved exemption

Christine 0410 289 519


Sound Healing Gong Bath for Summer
Yoga To Go Studio
108 Crystal Street, Petersham

Sunday 5 December 2021


Limited numbers of participants are allowed at this venue due to Physical Distancing requirements.


When these events are SOLD OUT you can put your name on the WAITLIST just in case there is a cancellation.

YOGA To Go Studio

106-108 Crystal Street Petersham NSW 2049, Australia

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Soundbound Healing

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Refunds up to 14 days before the event, If you really cannot attend this event when your heart was set on it, rather than asking for a refund - why not gift your ticket to a friend or someone who will benefit. That way you help to spread the joy, open your heart and accrue good karma : )