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Brisbane’s Shifting Sands first staggered bleary eyed into the down light around 4 years ago and quickly razed dive bars like bridges with their beautiful downbeat alco-core aesthetic. 

Comprised of members of seminal and established Australian acts SixFtHick, Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side and Jeremy Neale Band , Shifting Sands burn the mantle of Leonard Cohen, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood and Serge Gainsbourg.

Singer Geoff Corbett takes a full stumble back from his SixFtHick role of high-priest of psychotic swamp blither to snake, slither and baritone croon through a quiver full of booze-addled reflections of unrequited love and scuttled hearts. Corbett and vocal partner in crime Isabella Mellor take us on a journey through dark and piss-soaked alleys of sorrow and the oft endless and futile quest for a dopamine spike.

Shifting Sands wind their way knowingly through eclectic tunes littered with surf, country, noir pop and epic film nuance providing the soundtrack to the blackened and road worn lyrical humour.

Shifting Sands debut album “Beach Coma” is an underground classic, already lauded in both euro and antipodean circles as one of the finest underground releases of 2015. August 2017 will see the release of the follow up to "Beach Coma" coinciding with a tour of France and slots on the Binic Folks Blues Festival in Bretagne.

Shifting Sands erode their way back into the Bison Bar, Nambour on Saturday 29th April.

“As there is Americana, henceforth there is Australiana, Shifting Sands is the archetype and its motto is Beach Coma” 
-Dig It Magazine, France

“Beneath Shifting Sands romantic catharsis there can be found a rugged beauty, ****.” 
- The Age, Melbourne

”Sweltering swoons and Bukowski-style charm… Harvey Keitel doing Pulp ” 
- Time Out, Melbourne

Watch the music video for Shifting Sands “Other Girls” here

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