Creative Tactile Art & Smoothie Workshop. $125.00 --Ticket sales closed--
** Includes Sticky Tickets booking fee.


   Unleash the creative you at our next Tactile Art workshop  Create a stunning 'Tactile Wall Art' & learn techniques behind resin art.    

  • Whether you are a novice or professional you will absolutely love these workshops
  • No art experience necessary
  • Learn the techniques of playing with resins of powders and liquid pigments
  • Come and meet a beautiful group of ladies at our workshops 

I am the creative director of Bella Artista Designs. I run a Melbourne-based design studio and love to deliver visually stunning and unique 3D statement pieces to art lovers around Australia. My new workshops allow people to have fun and create their own piece of magic. I bring a wide selection of my most popular design and pigments, so even people who don’t believe they are creative can create something amazing. 

I am very excited about our workshop this June and I welcome back the gorgeous Vicky Jamieson who inspired many at our last art workshop.

Look after the number one person in your life 'YOU' 

As a special treat you will enjoy delicious smoothies to keep your skin looking vibrant. 

Come and find out how yummy smoothies can :-

  • reduce lines & wrinkles
  • lessen inflammation in the body (the precursor to all our current lifestyle diseases eg.arthritis, asthma, eczema, acne, IBS, plus many more)
  • give you more slow-release energy throughout the day
  • balance hormones & reduce PMT symptoms
  • help your gut stay healthy & happy
  • manage your weight effectively without the hunger pains

Has been in the Beauty & Wellness Industry for over 25yrs and is passionate about empowering women to know their bodies, so they can live with more energy, better health & of course, gorgeous skin!"

Limited numbers available for this workshop so book in quick!

'I begin with an idea then it becomes something else'
'Pablo Picasso'  

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