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Presented by Joh Sherma, owner of Kutumba; whose passion for Nepal inspires her everyday to support Nepali artisans and create community connections that remind her of her beloved former home and husband's homeland.

"Come along and learn how to make my version of Nepali Musur dal - such a delicious and satisfying lentil dish that is both nutritious and simple to make. In Nepal, dal is the mainstay of local cuisine, the liquid protein element of dal baht (the daily meal). Throughout my years of going in and out of Nepal my version has evolved into a meal in itself, adapted from my Nepali family and friends' recipes.

To me, making dal is a mindful, soul and sensory experience. Grinding the pungent spices, letting the onions slowly melt, these processes are often lost in our busy lives. This is a dish you can enjoy creating! Make in large batches to freeze and indulge in homemade nutritious 'takeaway' on those busy nights!

This is a hands on class...everyone is a part of the process. Once we have finished cooking we enjoy the dal with brown rice, achaar (Nepali chutney) and yoghurt. If time permits we will also share pots of masala chiya (Nepali chai tea)....YUM!"

Suits V, VEG, GF & DF diets.  

Please ensure any allergies or dietary requirements are notified to Joh at info@kutumba.com.au

Grab a friend or come along and make new ones!

Fee $55 / Suitable for ages 18+ 
Includes meal, soft drinks, masala chiyaa and recipe card

{cancellations made after July 6th  will not be refunded}

Held in the ambient and unique setting of Kutumba, a treasure trove of ethical trade and handmade goodies made by disadvantaged artisans around the world. Kutumba means 'kinship' and these workshops help to create exactly that; a community of creative connections... www.kutumba.com.au www.facebook.com/kutumba.global.treasures


18 Jetty Road Largs Bay SA 5016, Australia

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