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Budding Comics: A garden of comic delights.

Like a newly formed flower, these Budding Comics are blossoming into exciting new comedy performers.

Still full of hope, dreams and day jobs, these stand up comedians are opening their petals in their first show to take a taste of the comedy sunlight. These six comics have been delighting open mic audiences for the past 1-2 years and are eager and hungry to find an audience of their very own. If they can endure open mic rooms and make half-drunk audiences laugh when they don't realise there'd be a comedy show on, imagine what they can do when they draw their own crowd!

You may have never realised that you wanted to know about the real Toowoomba experience, see a grown man-boy do a Cookie Monster impression or hear educational and hilarious medical parody songs, but you will find all that and more!

Budding Comics. Comedy so fresh that their families still come to see them perform.


Tracey "Pello" Pelling: Raw Comedy 2017 Qld Finals Runner Up

Nick Carr: Raw Comedy 2017 Qld Finalist

Kaychu Symon: RAW Comedy 2017 Qld Finalist

Marcus Davis: Raw Comedy 2017 Qld Semi-Finalist

Claire Morrissey: As well as appearing at open mic rooms around Brisbane, Claire has also performed her electric uke parody songs to a packed room in Perth

Adam O’Sullivan: Adam has performed in open mics for audiences in Brisbane, London and Edmonton

**Please note the venue is a licensed bar. Therefore it, and the show, are strictly 18+**

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