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This is a standup comedy show about why and how Keith Cheng came into the possession of a burned face. If you think being an immigrant is hard, try being an immigrant with a burned face. On a day to day basis, Keith wonder if people are judgemental to his ethnicity or are they just petrified by the glowing redness of his crimson face or his border-line autistic personality. He initially thought his singlehood could be solved by obtaining pleasing physique, so he started working out real hard in the gym, just to end up realising the gym is not a plastic surgery clinic. After being told by his doctor that there's no cure, he decided to watch the world burn while waiting for his imaginary girlfriend to show up.... 

If you are an ethnic autistic individual with a face on fire 24/7, you will be triggered at some point during the show. On the bright side, if you are such as individual with all the above qualities, you will be granted free entry and can bring as many friends as you wish, if you really have friends.

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