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Two comics, sketch, karaoke, music, high tech machinery. They may not go together but somehow do. Keytar-ed and Feathered is a mind-trip that's not quite the normal stand-up.

Glenn is the premier (only) Brisbane keytar based comedian writing catchy pop songs that like an ear worm burrow deep (in a nice way) in to your skull. He can make you think, make you laugh and regularly gets Facebook messages of people walking around singing his songs.

Andrew is a Tasmanian, turned Melbournian, turned Queenslander who has been performing stand-up for a large number of years. He's toured with shows around rural Queensland and is just an entertaining joy to watch.

Together Glenn and Andrew are bringing their talents to the Funny Fest. There will be jokes, music, virtual reality, horror karaoke stories and much more.

Be aware that this show is at an 18+ venue. For cheap car parking for the event, head over to Secure Parking:

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