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Free Six Week Workshop series for Parents and Caregivers of ADHD Children 6 -16 yrs old

Due to high demand, this course is fully booked, however please leave your details and we will contact you if a place becomes available or if we run additional workshops in the future.

ADHD is not a result of bad parenting or lack of discipline. However, if children are not provided with the tools to manage their condition their lack of attention and impulsive behaviours can impact on their self-esteem and life skills.

Practical help is now available through a series of free workshops specifically designed to support parents of ADHD school children 6-16 years of age. The six-week evidence-based program will provide effective and achievable strategies to parents and caregivers. The early intervention workshops developed and facilitated by health and education professionals will teach parents and caregivers a range of practical techniques to assist with behaviour management of ADHD children.

Presented by Psychologists Zyron Krupenia and Elena Trethowan, and Parent ADHD Coach Susan Hughes, the six-week interactive program will be presented by LADS.

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Learning and Attentional Disorder Society of WA (Inc.)
+61 8 6457 7544

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