Event Entry Tue 1st Aug 2017 - ANC FIS SX - Race 1


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Event Entry Wed 2nd Aug 2017 - ANC FIS SX Race 2


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Event Entry Thu 3rd Aug 2017 - FIS SL Race 1


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Event Entry Fri 4th Aug 2017 - FIS SL Race 2


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Competitor Lift Ticket SX 3 Day Event –31st July, 1st & 2nd of August


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Competitor Lift Ticket SL 2 Day Event Package –3rd & 4th of August


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Competitor Lift Ticket 5 Day Event Package – 31st July – 4nd of August


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Mt Buller July 31st - August 4th 2017


Monday 31st July 2017                Training & 1st Team Captains Meeting 6pm @ MBRC Clubhouse

Tuesday 1st August 2017             ANC FIS SX

Wednesday 2nd August 2017    ANC FIS SX

Thursday 3rd August 2017         FIS SL M (Codex 0220) and L (Codex 5207)

Friday 4th August 2017               FIS SL M (Codex 0221) and L (Codex 5208)

                                                       No Weather Day

More Information Can Be Obtained From The Race Notice:

It is expected that each day will have an early load via the Abom chair at 7.00am

Please Note: Program is subject to change and will be updated at the 1st Team Captains Meeting.


FIS Technical Delegate:           Sanderson Scott (AUS

Referee:                                      TBA

Chief of Race:                            Richard Haslau (AUS)


All entries are to be submitted by their National Ski Association on standard FIS entry forms.

All Australian entries are to be submitted on standard FIS entry form.

All competitors must be FIS registered, eligibility in accordance with FIS quota.

All entries must reach the race secretary by 4pm, Friday 28th July, 2017.

Email entries to:

MBRC Race Secretary

Sue Anthony, Mt Buller Race Club, PO Box 34 Mt. Buller,VIC 3723


Phone number Race Office: (03) 5777 6221

Phone number COR (Richard): 0455 910 995


$65.00 per race day.

Mbrc will reserve the right to offer free entry to selected Athletes competing in the Slalom races.

The 1st FIS points list 2017/18 will be used to determine this and comp entry will be announced at the TCM and athletes will have their entry refunded.


For competition days, discounted lift tickets (supported by Buller Ski Lifts Ltd.) for competitors can be ordered in advance. Details will be soon communicated on our website.

FOC coach tickets will be issued as Per the FIS rule (1:5 Athletes)

Lift Ticket Order Process TBC>

The tickets will then be handed out at the TCM. Please refer to our website for more details on competitions & training day tickets


Team Captains Meetings are to be held at Mt Buller Race Club building, 208 Summit Road Mt Buller at 6pm, the night before each event.


Limited tuning facilities will be available at the MBRC clubhouse between the hours of 1.30 - 5.00pm daily.


MBRC will supply limited slalom gates and associated equipment by arrangement only.

Hill space can also be arranged in advance and for both of these matters please indicate your needs by email or by calling Richard Haslau. No late requests will be considered.

All training will be conducted as joint training with other teams and requirements must be communicated prior to close of entry, 4pm, Friday 28th July, 2017. +61 (0)455 910 995

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