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An opportunity for small teams to work one on one with Dr Goodman to identify personal conflict management styles and how best to solve conflict as a team.

Understanding conflict and how best to manage it helps with:

  • stress reduction
  • fosters leadership development
  • increases workplace employee retention
  • provides resolution for individuals and teams

We use a diagnostic assessment, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument® to identify your individual behaviours during conflict. The assessment provides an in-depth report on the various factors that contribute to personal conflict management skills. By completing this assessment you will be provided with a TKI Profile that offers a variety of conflict management techniques that best suit your particular skills. 

We will use a variety of blended learning activities to address your needs in a practical and meaningful way. This includes a team leader conversation prior to the workshop to identify the desired outcome, an all team member online needs based pre-survey, role-playing, reflective journalling etc.

How will the TKI® assessment help me?

  • Assessment offers five conflict-handling styles to suit a variety of personalities
  • Provides conflict resolution for individuals and teams
  • Fosters leadership development
  • Helps with stress reduction
  • Increases workplace employee retention

Why should I decide to use the TKI® assessment?

  • Integrates with other assessments such as Myers Briggs.
  • The assessment offers a variety of conflict resolution techniques to suit different individuals
  • Provides long-term solutions to internal workplace conflicts
  • Scientific research has proven that the conflict resolution techniques work

Email Dr Suzanne Goodman for a free sample report and brochure: suzanne@9dragonscoaching.com

Terms and Conditions: As this is a personalised workshop no refunds can be given. Should you miss the workshop you can transfer to another date. Places are strictly limited so personalised attention can be given. Minimum of 4 required for workshop to proceed. Worksite options also available.

* This two-dimensional model of conflict-handling behaviour is adapted from “Conflict and Conflict Management” by Kenneth Thomas in The Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, edited by Marvin Dunnette (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1976). Another valuable contribution in this field is the work by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton in The Managerial Grid (Houston: Gulf Publishing, 1964, 1994). 

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Profile and Interpretive Report Copyright 2001, 2007 by CPP, Inc. All rights reserved. The TKI logo and the CPP logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPP, Inc., in the United States and other countries.

Dr Suzanne Goodman

Director 9 Dragons Professional Coaching and Training

Contact details:

Website: www.9dragonscoaching.com

Email: suzanne@9dragonscoaching.com

City of Perth Library

573 Hay Street Perth Perth 6000, Australia

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Dr Suzanne Goodman
9 Dragons Coaching and Training
0407 177 786

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