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24 York St Sydney


(after-party 5pm onwards)

Have you mastered your human-ness?

Join us for what will be a super fun 1 day city retreat designed to inspire, empower & make you smile. Using the latest in evidence based psychology tools, uplifting house music yoga as well as  eachother's energy skill up, get wise & treat yourself to a fabulous day designed to support you to live a life you love.  Hosted by two doctors, you can trust that this day will be good for you ;) 

This urban retreat will be an awesome mix of learning, self-realisation, reflection, relaxation, indulgence, fun-times, eating delish food, making friends and, of course,  yoga.  The program is designed to promote real wellness & human-mastery, something we all need & deserve!

This day is perfect for anyone looking for more autonomy over their choices, to learn new things about themselves, to acquire super power skills & who wants to enjoy a fab day with like-minded souls.  Bring your friends or make some on the day!

For a complete run down of what's to come, check out the program below & our yummy menu.

What to expect:

- Learn all about & enjoy a guided group practice on mindfulness. 

- Get to know your values & the core beliefs that influence your perceptions, interpretations & behaviours. 

- Enjoy healthy snacks, refreshments & a yummy packed nutritious lunch to be enjoyed anywhere you please (you can stay inside or walk down to the harbour for some fresh air & sunshine).

- Engage in some fun facilitated group work to learn how to embody your values so you can live a life that works for you & makes you truly happy.

- Sweat away your worries, find your flow & groove your way into the week ahead with a uplifting vinyasa yoga class with house music.  This will be an open level class suitable to both advanced practitioners & anyone new to yoga. 

- Stay back for your complimentary house sparkling & margarita calipo to solidify new friendships at our after party (dinner prep can wait).

NB: Warning there will be house music, laughs, lessons, delish food, friends to find & fun-times to be had!

What to wear:

-Dress up in your favourite & comfy yoga gear (unicorn print highly recommended).  

 What to bring along:

-A smile

-A yoga mat 

- A mad attitude of self-compassion & willingness to learn & grow.

-An opal card or Uber app so you can get home safely post after party (well, what if you fancy more than one?!)

Dr Alegado's psychology sessions 

Session 1 : Learning about Lifetraps and Vulerability

The price of happiness: Do you find that no matter how successful you are, you still feel unhappy, unfilfilled and undeserving?

This first session will provide you with a brief introduction about the relationship between thinking, mood and behaviours – the fundamantals of any self help literature – and the tenet of psychological success using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy principles. 

We will help give you an insight into low self esteem, how it develops, how we maintain it in accordance with our own negative biased expectations and self evaluation, as well as how it affects our lives.

You will find out about your vulnerabilities using a Schema Questionnaire to identify what situations  trigger in you that underlying feeling of being stuck. These can include unsatisfactory relationships with others, lack of self esteem, fears of failure and rejection, excessive worries and ruminations. 

We will then discover ways of accepting and being comfortable and happy with ourselves, learning how to adjust any rules and assumptions that are not helpful, build and balance a positive core belief, and regain a more healthy self esteem.

Sounds to good to be true??? Well it kind of is & thats why we are sharing all this gold!!

Session 2: Interactive Group Work

In this section, we will break into smaller groups of 3-4. Participants are given an opportunity to Clarify Values and Problems with Self which they will be encouraged to work on individually, and then discuss with their group. 

The format will be flexible, leaving opportunity for mutual sharing of experiences, thoughts and ideas, and plenty of fun and creativity! 

Time permitting, we will look at a couple of case studies and apply learnings from session 1 into a treatment plan in session 2.


Dr Susannah Ward (B.MedSci, MBBS, Founder Ataraxia Collective, Advanced trainee in rehabilitation medicine, yoga teacher & mindfulness practitioner) is passionate about wellness & holistic health.  As a yogi trained in both medical science & medicine, Dr Ward has a unique insight into the origins of many health issues.  Dr Ward believes that everyone is capable of wellness despite any adversity, disease or disability that they live with.  She is passionate about sharing the skills & wisdom of yoga and other holistic health interventions with the goals of supporting others to live lives of meaning & value.  By day she cares for her inpatients at the hospital & by night she is either in the yoga studio, garden or playing with her doggies on the beach.  If you like yoga, love vinyasa & know house music, then you will really enjoy her yoga classes.  Her company Ataraxia Collective offers all sorts of unique & fun wellness events & services.  For further info visit www.ataraxiacollective.com.au

Dr Aileen Alegado (B.Psych, PhD, founder Mindset Psychology, clinical psychologist) is a dynamo at inspiring others.  Through her work & extensive training in psychology (including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectic Therapy & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Dr Alegado has helped the lives of hundreds of her patients.  Dr Alegado has a unique & lively approach to sharing skills & knowledge.  Her company Mindset Psychology works with individuals, corporate groups & has years of experience assisting people to focus, believe & achieve lives they love.  Its hard not to giggle and smile when Dr Alegado is in the room.   Please visit www.mindsetpsychology.com.au for further information.

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We hope to see you there!

24 York St, Sydney NSW

24 York Street Sydney Sydney 2000, Australia

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Dr Susannah Ward
Ataraxia Collective