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Adam is excited to be offering a weekly contemporary technique class pitched at an advanced level that will focus on correct placement, articulation of the body and breadth of movement.

The classes will take place over a ten week period so there is a consistency to the class enabling the students to focus on fine details, taking time to analyse the way in which the body functions. This will allow them to see considerable improvement in their dancing capabilities.

The class style is influenced by the many companies and creative individuals Adam has worked with during his career. The class incorporates floor work, centre practice and expansive travelling phrases.

The emphasis on technique, fluidity, activating the correct muscles, musicality and challenging movement will prove to be a beneficial and unique training experience for any student.

It is recommended that to attend these classes you have a minimum of three years dance experience and have some ballet training.

Village Nation Studios

32 Bowden Street Alexandria Sydney 2015, Australia

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Adam blanch
Adam blanch

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