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I want to be healthy. I feel healthy today. I’m trying to eat healthy.

…..Yeah….but what exactly does healthy mean? 

The SpunkyGuts perspective on health is one that may not be considered mainstream, or normal even. It is however very real. It’s not perfect, it’s certainly not based on fear or guilt and it most definitely is HIGHLY individual.

This is ALL ABOUT re-defining YOUR view on health. Delving into what it not only looks like for you – but how it will work day to day. This workshop is jam-packed with the facts, simple how-to’s, practical tips and fresh perspectives. I’m all about open sharing and discussion – let’s talk about those burning questions you have….because chances are – everyone else has them too. We’ll chat, brainstorm, strategize and be empowered.

Plus….we’ll drink tea, indulge in nutritious treats and get our hands dirty with some practical demonstrations.

Join me for this unique chance to learn and re-ignite that spark for achieving ultimate wellbeing!

I go into how these often overlooked aspects of health effects us on a biochemical level and how that then filters out into SO MANY other areas of our lives. Once you know it….you can’t un-know it and that awareness will filter into your life.

  • What is stress – including the less common forms of it
  • How it effects our hormones, sleep, appetite and emotions
  • Stress and weight-loss – the losing battle
  • Practical tips for dealing with stress
  • The stress – sleep connection
  • Why sleep is THE MOST important thing you can ever do
  • What happens when we sleep
  • What happens when we don’t sleep
  • The simple things you can do TODAY to improve your sleep TONIGHT

Plus together we’re going to…

  • Create a beautiful sleep ritual
  • Identify YOUR stressors and personalized coping strategies
  • Learn an easy breathing technique to tackle stress immediately
  • Drink delicious tea
  • Indulge in a nutritious morning tea

I can't wait to share this with you! 

Clarity Massage & Wellness

58-60 Melbourne Street North Adelaide Adelaide 5006, Australia

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Erin Parish
Erin Parish

Erin Parish

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