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I want to be healthy. I feel healthy today. I’m trying to eat healthy.

…..Yeah….but what exactly does healthy mean? 

The SpunkyGuts perspective on health is one that may not be considered mainstream, normal even. It is however very real. It’s not perfect, it’s certainly not based on fear or guilt and it most definitely is HIGHLY individual.

This 4-part workshop series focuses on just that – re-defining YOUR view on health. Delving into what it not only looks like for you – but how it will work day to day. These workshops are jam-packed with the facts, simple how-to’s, practical tips and fresh perspectives. I’m all about open sharing and discussion – let’s talk about those burning questions you have….because chances are – everyone else has them too. We’ll chat, brainstorm, strategize and be empowered.

Plus….we’ll drink tea, indulge in nutritious treats and get our hands dirty with some practical demonstrations.

Join me for this unique chance to learn and re-ignite that spark for achieving ultimate wellbeing!

Workshop number 2! Time for food! Food is essential to our survival – it should be fairly simple right? Yet….we often find ourselves eating things we know we ‘shouldn’t’ or using food in completely un-nourishing ways. We really have made it complicated for ourselves. Allow me to uncomplicate it but giving you a lesson in Nutrition…..so we can truly appreciate just how incredible our bodies are.

It would also be amiss if we didn’t take a moment too look at different ways of eating, diets, fads and food trends. What about the whole organic versus non-organic thing? Processed food? Is it really that bad?

  • What is a carb? Are they friends with the devil..?
  • Protein and it’s amazing capabilities
  • Fats – do they deserve such a bad wrap?
  • Vitamins and minerals – how they play a key role in optimum health
  • What is organic food, how to buy it, and is it essential
  • The joke that is food processing
  • The pros and cons of common diets and ways of eating (Paleo, fasting, low-carb high-fat, vegan, vegetarian)

Plus together we’re going to…

  • Learn how to read labels quickly and simply in 3 easy steps
  • Review our own non-negotiable when it comes to buying food
  • Discuss our experiences with common diets, fads and ways of eating
  • Drink delicious tea
  • Enjoy a nutritious morning tea


Woohoo.....have I got a deal for you! You can pre-book into all 4 sessions, secure your spot and save a few bucks. The bundle is $120 and available VIA THIS LINK

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Erin Parish

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