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I want to be healthy. I feel healthy today. I’m trying to eat healthy.

…..Yeah….but what exactly does healthy mean? 

The SpunkyGuts perspective on health is one that may not be considered mainstream, normal even. It is however very real. It’s not perfect, it’s certainly not based on fear or guilt and it most definitely is HIGHLY individual.

This 4-part workshop series focuses on just that – re-defining YOUR view on health. Delving into what it not only looks like for you – but how it will work day to day. These workshops are jam-packed with the facts, simple how-to’s, practical tips and fresh perspectives. I’m all about open sharing and discussion – let’s talk about those burning questions you have….because chances are – everyone else has them too. We’ll chat, brainstorm, strategize and be empowered.

Plus….we’ll drink tea, indulge in nutritious treats and get our hands dirty with some practical demonstrations.

Join me for this unique chance to learn and re-ignite that spark for achieving ultimate wellbeing!

Finally we’re finishing with a bang – Gut Health. 

This is a hot topic at the moment…if you’ve missed the memo you’re clearly living under a rock. Your gut plays a BIG role in how you think, eat, feel, look, sleep, react and so much more. This is a jam-packed workshop – the last half of it is totally hands on. Yep, we’re getting our hands dirty and our taste buds tantalized.

First of all lets chat about

  • What is gut health?
  • Why we need a diverse, flourishing micro-biome
  • The gut-brain connection (we’re going full circle here back to the first workshop)
  • Common signs that your gut might need some love
  • The first steps to healing and supporting your gut
  • What are functional fermented foods, pro-biotics and pre-biotics?
  • How to use these gut friendly foods

Then, together we’re going to…

  • Taste and a demo on home-made coconut water kefir
  • Taste and a demo on home-made coconut yogurt
  • Taste and then make your own fermented cashew/almond ‘cheese’ (to take with you)
  • Discuss starter cultures and ways these potent mixes can be used for flourishing health
  • The option to purchase your own potent starter culture and get brewing your own kefir and yogurt at home - Hello amazing gut health! 
  • Share divine cups of tea
  • Nibble on a nourishing morning tea


Woohoo.....have I got a deal for you! You can pre-book into all 4 sessions, secure your spot and save a few bucks. The bundle is $120 and available VIA THIS LINK

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Clarity Massage & Wellness

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Erin Parish

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