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"Whether Picnic at Hanging Rock is fact or fiction, my readers must decide for themselves. As the fateful picnic took place in the year nineteen hundred, and all the characters who appear in this book are long since dead, it hardly seems important."

Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay was first published in 1967 and is widely considered to be one of the most important Australian novels of all time. It was popularised globally in 1975 when the movie, directed by Peter Weir, was released to immediate critical and commercial success. All these years later, the haunting music from the film score is still instantly recognisable to anyone who has seen the film, and debate still rages about what really happened to the missing girls that day.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, join us as we examine the creation of Picnic at Hanging Rock and the legacy it has left for future generations, alongside dramatised readings which will remind us this book remains a cult classic.

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