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Dream Drone is a potent immersive sound experience. 

The Dream Drone® team (Si Mullumby, Jon Worsley and Steve Mazabow ) are excited to present Dream Drone® at the iconic Taronga Centre Harborview Ballroom in Mosman. This is the first time that an immersive sound experience of this kind has been offered at this iconic Australian venue.

The Dream Drone® is a unique style of playing didgeridoo developed by Si Mullumby and Jon Worsley. The Dream Drone events harness and deliver a 'dream like' state of consciousness.

Following two sold out events at the Sydney Opera House in 2016, this Taronga Centre Event is a re-launch for Dream Drone. After a full year of development, both in the unique playing style and with the designs of the Sound of Hemp instruments, this event promises to be a next-level experience.

The Dream Drone team has expanded. Founding members Si Mullumby and Jon Worsley are now joined by Sydney didgeridoo player Steven Mazabow. Dream Drone is now three.

Jon,Si and Steve exclusively use the Sound of Hemp® black hemp didgeridoos. These black hemp instruments have the dynamic range, tonality and subtlety necessary to produce the Dream Drone sound.

Participants are invited to lie on comfortable custom made and designed yoga mat provided and be bathed in a vibrant sea of sound that saturates body, mind and soul.

Dream Drone Event Details:

Date and Time:
19th November 2017 at 7.30pm

2 Hour Experience

The Harbourview Ballroom at the Taronga Centre has the most spectacular views over the Sydney Harbour and the event is timed to begin right on sunset for maximum natural beauty. With the first New Moon of the summer Dream Drone invite you to come, set your intention, and surrender yourself to this journey.

We recommend comfortable non-synthetic clothes. Please be conscious to bring clothing that does not make sound when moving. Silence is the essential ingredient of the Dream Drone sound.

Comfortable pillow for your head to rest on and a lightweight sarong to cover yourself.

Yoga Mats:
Custom Made and designed Dream Drone® yoga mats will be provided for each participant to lie comfortably on. These yoga mats will be available for sale after the event.

Age Restriction 16+: due to the need for silence and the power of the sound we have a minimum age of 16 years.

This event is powered by Sound of Hemp® Black Hemp didgeridoos

Standard Event Price $80
Early Bird Special Rate $60

More about the DREAM DRONE:

The Dream Drone is a unique sound created by playing the didgeridoo in a special way. This ancient instrument has the capacity to produce the primordial sound of creation and the Dream Drone expresses this primal power to its full potential.

Unlike any other form of music, the sonorous sound of the Dream Drone is not restricted by frame works of structured rhythm and linear melody. Instead, it functions purely by virtue of spontaneous vibration moving freely through open space, transforming the breath and intent of the player into surging waves of sound that resonate throughout the room and saturate body and mind with its primordial pulse.

The sound of the Dream Drone holds the power to launch the listener on an inner journey of self-discovery that is as unique and personal as each individual on earth. For some people, it's a magical mystery tour of spirit; for others it's a sensual sensory trip through the body; and some simply enjoy the exquisite experience of feeling the warm waves of sound and vibrant energy coursing through their systems.


Jon is an avid surfer, designer, artist and family man with a deep connection to the Australian elements. He is the designer of the Sound of Hemp didgeridoos used in the Dream Drone events and around the world.

Jon was captivated by the timeless sound of the didgeridoo at a young age. Nature has always played a central role in Jon's life leading him to start his craft of didgeridoo making in the traditional way for many years in the top end of Australia.

Jon's visionary designs come from all the things he has grown to know and love in his life and from a deep understanding of the spiritual forces of nature around him.

The new material that Jon uses in the instruments is composed primarily of organic hemp fibre and infused with charcoal. This 'Black Hemp' has unique energetic properties that allow it to vibrate at very fine frequencies producing new dimensions of sound and vibration, greatly enhancing the range of resonance and pitch.

After a profound experience in India in 1992, Si left his studies of Medicine at the University of Western Australia and dedicated his life wholeheartedly to playing didgeridoo. He realized from this potent life changing experience that this instrument is a complete spiritual tool incorporating rhythmic breathing, meditation on the AUM, music and the ability to express emotion and feelings through the voice. Not only is it a tool for personal evolution but he also knew that the sound would transmit the experience of the didgeridoo player to all those who are listening.

Living deep in the outback for long periods of time by himself he found his own way with this ancient instrument. In the year 2000 Si featured alongside the traditional custodian of the Yidaki (didgeridoo) Djalu Guruwiwi in the Discovery Chanel documentary 'Yidaki'.

The Dream Drone sees the next chapter of this story come into being. Quietly since the beginning of his time playing didgeridoo Si has been exploring and developing the therapeutic and consciousness evolving aspect of this instrument. The Dream Drone is the maturation of this process and a return to essence of sound.

STEVE MAZABOWSuccessful IT entrepreneur with over 30 years of corporate experience, Steve departed from corporate life 5 years ago to focus on the therapeutic benefits of sound, mantra and meditation for healing.

Using his skills gained in the corporate world Steve has travelled the world searching for unique sound instruments that would benefit both groups and individuals to reach deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation.

It was during this quest that Steve was introduced to the Black Hemp Didgeridoos which left such an indelible imprint on Steve that he decided to immerse himself fully into the magic and therapeutics of the black hemp didgeridoo instrument and joined Sound of Hemp.

Steve is a multi-instrumentalist playing unique and rare instruments such has the HANG drum, Black Hemp Didgeridoos and Native American Drone Flute.

A natural leader, Steve is deeply involved in working with people with special needs, teaching yoga and also runs music and didgeridoo workshops throughout Sydney on a regular basis.

Taronga Centre Harbourview Ballroom

Bradleys Head Road Mosman Mosman 2088, Australia

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