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Welcome to PROJECT101: Building Smart Business

This is not a workshop for everyone, its for Business Owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Owners of thriving businesses don’t work harder, they work smarter! across all areas of their business.

They plan and Act Strategically
Finely hone their Leadership Skills
Maximise their Sales Funnel
Develop a strong Brand Presence
Articulate a winning Clear Message to their customer
Know how to extricate the most value out of SEO and Social Media
Utilise clever Systems & Processes and
Build happy, Productive Teams

Learn How to Build a Smart Business from 8 experts in ONE day. If you only implemented 2% of your learnings from this amazing business day, you would dramatically increase your bottom line. It's a great opportunity to network with other like minded business owners and is conveniently located at Waterman Business Centre, the new business centre at Chadstone Shopping Centre

Includes: Light working Lunch at venue  

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Our Presenters are: 

Carol Benton - Are your customers getting the message?
How to be heard - break through the background noise
How to be understood - make sure you're speaking the client's language
How to be actioned - getting prospects to take the step to becoming clients

Lionel Jackman - Fill Your Pipeline With Social Media Leads
How to accelerate prospects from Facebook & LinkedIn into qualified leads, ready to buy.
The latest social media targeting methods that are working right now
How to stop people in their tracks (and newsfeed) to engage with your ads

Matt Baker - What is a brand and how can it improve the value of your business, your staff and your customers.
How brand can be one of the most important points of difference to your business.
How a strong brand can increase engagement, loyalty and profitability.
How you can build a great brand

Harry Sanders - Getting ahead without being a technical wizard
What you need to look out for when doing SEO
Why you need to compete with your competition on Google
The different kinds of search to look out for

Stephanie Gaddin - Are you ready for a CRM?
Why you don't need a CRM just yet -Software and tools can't fix a broken process
How to create the right business process before investing in the wrong technology
How to get buy in from staff for your new process
How to implement a new tool without staff resistance

Dee Mills - Should you outsource as part of your business model?
What business processes can be outsourced
Is your business ready to outsource?
How to successfully outsource

Sandy Colombo - Sales and Leadership go hand in hand
Little things big difference - the no cost sales tool
Effective Communication - turn your staff into sales multipliers
Practical leadership tool - rid yourself of that story around sales!

Michele Carson - Think & Act strategically to accelerate your results
Focus your actions and resources for maximum ROI
3 Steps to Strategic Action
Know your next winning move

Registration and Networking starts at 8.30am and sessions start at 9:15am. Event finishes at 4.30pm. By buying this ticket you agree to all terms and conditions as outlined on our website https://compellinginfluence.com/project-101
See attached detailed map of the location to enter Waterman Business centre which is located at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Waterman Business Centre, Chadstone

1341 Dandenong Road Malvern East Stonnington 3148, Australia

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Sandy Colombo, Colombo Consulting
Michele Carson, Influence
0412 846 004 or 0418358416

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