Sellers Stall (up to 2 people per Stall) $99.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Stall on Stage (up to 3 sellers, larger stall 3m x 4m) $125.00 --Ticket sales closed--
Foyer Stall $125.00 --Ticket sales closed--
  * Does not include Sticky Tickets booking fee.
** Ticket prices may vary slightly based on the payment method selected at checkout.


Join HER WARDROBE as a seller and convert your clothes, shoes and accessories to cash. Our events on the Gold Coast have been spectacular successes with Sellers Tickets selling out fast and shoppers turning up in droves! 

This is your chance to become a Seller at our NOVEMBER event! This will be our final Gold Coast Fashion Market for 2017.

Book your Sellers Stall ASAP! Come with a friend, pack up the car and set up shop with us. Turn your stuff into CASH in just one morning! 

We are indoors at Robina Auditorium; close to the shopping centre and just inside near the library. It's also an ALL WEATHER venue, meaning you won't have to deal with the wind, the sun, and the chance of rain changing our date.

We are so excited to become a regular fixture on the GC and love that our locals are so supportive! Please join our facebook page and help get the word out to your friends here.

SHOP: You will be one of only a limited number of stalls on offer. This gives you a great opportunity to meet and sell to Gold Coast Fashionistas. We love this venue, we anticipate droves of buyers on the day as we normally get! There are only STRICTLY LIMITED SELLERS STALLS available so please be quick to book.

Shoppers do not need to pre-purchase a ticket, entry is $2 at the door. 

Selling your own wardrobe? It's such a fabulous way to make room for the new items and turn your clothes into cash. Join a friend and it also becomes a super-fun morning well spent! (You can split the cost and share the stall between 2 people - if you have a 3rd friend interested, you will need to book 2 Sellers Tickets.)

SELL: As a Seller, you will be allocated a stall space. Set up your area with baskets, signs, mirrors, candles and anything else that creatively presents your clothes shoes and accessories to sell. You will be able to rent a table or racks from us leading up to the event.

Own a boutique, online store, indie label or vintage business? You're welcome to join in and come and sell on the day. Get some great exposure and build your following, by meeting a crowd of fashion-savvy shoppers. The mix of pre-loved + new is what gives HER WARDROBE the VIP factor!

We will be promoting the event via the Fashionista Events subscriber database of over 40,000 clients, plus facebook, twitter and traditional media coverage. 

We have organised thousands of fashion events, and also run the upmarket designer market called The Diva's Wardrobe, so we have plenty of experience! (Check it out at

Promoting the event: As a seller, you agree to promote the event to your social networks. You can help us get even more shoppers to come to HER WARDROBE by telling your friends! Please share our facebook events and on instagram and snapchat! As a Seller you agree to promoting the event to your social networks leading up to the event.

There is no ATM on site, so we encourage you to ask for friends to visit an ATM before coming along. You might want to think about accepting PayPal or direct bank deposit on the day. The closest ATM is a 3 minutes walk at Robina Town Centre. 

SUPPORT: This event supports Mummy's Wish. The vision of this not-for-profit is to minimise the negative impact on Australian families during Mum’s journey through cancer. We will have a stall set up to sell donated items on the day and proceeds will be passed on to Mummy's Wish. For more information please visit

If you want to sell at HER WARDROBE please purchase your Sellers Ticket ASAP. 
Our events always sell out in record time!

**REMEMBER, you are encouraged to split your stall cost with a friend to make it even more affordable. Strictly No more than 2 people per Sellers Ticket, as space does not allow. Please book a stall on the stage if you want to have 3 people, or you can book 2 sellers stalls and we can place them next to each other. Just email us the week of the event to ensure the stalls are placed next to each other on the floor plan.

Only Limited Sellers Tickets Available

Your Sellers Ticket includes:

  • Allocated indoor stall space, approx 2.5m x 2.5m (will fit 2 racks and 1 trestle table OR 3 racks. You provide your own racks, or you can rent them from us. We will send you info leading up to the day about how to do this.)
  • We provide you a table included in your stall ticket
  • Advertising and promotion for the event to drive shoppers to come and buy your items!
  • Enough room for 2 people to sell (if you have 3 people or more you will just need to buy 2 Sellers Tickets and we will put you next to each other. Please understand that we are working with space restrictions, so STRICTLY no more than 2 Sellers for each Sellers Ticket, unless you book a STAGE stall.)

SATURDAY 25 November 2017


7am - 8am (please arrive no later than 7:30am to set up, access to the hall will be from 7am)


8am - 1pm (strictly no pack up before 1.01pm!)

The timing of this event is perfect! It gives you all the time you need to make the sales, and you still have time to enjoy Sunday afternoon.

Sellers Tickets are non-refundable. If event is to be cancelled for any reason, another day will be chosen for the event and tickets will be transferred to that new date. If you can't make the new date, you can transfer the ticket to a friend. Please just tell us their name and email address.

What should I bring?

  • Please bring racks and anything else to display your items. 
  • Please will provide you with 1 trestle table (no more than 1 table per stall please.)
  • Bring a bum bag or cross-body bag to carry your float with cash so you can give change to customers 
  • Bring a selection of change, including $5, $10 notes and make sure you remember to bring coins if you are pricing anything below $5
  • If you have EFTPOS that’s great, please bring it! There is no ATM on site.
  • Please note we have chairs available but you will make MANY more sales if you are standing up!
  • Bags for your customers to put their new clothes in. Please bring reusable bags, not plastic bags if you can.
  • There will be a group change room where shoppers can try on items. You should bring a book or a clipboard so you can record any items someone is taking to the change room and keep their drivers license until they return the items. (It's totally up to you if you want to let people try on your stuff! You can also bring your own pop-up change room if you have one.)
  • If you blog, or instagram, facebook, please message us your links so we can start following and promoting you before the event too!

HASHTAG  #herwardrobemarkets


If you have any questions please contact Natalie at

Please like and share our Facebook page if you haven't already done so! 

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