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    Legends of Comedy
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    In these politically correct, but very uncertain times it is always good to sit back, relax, beer or drink in hand and have a good old fashioned belly laugh.

    Well, we have just the ticket for you with the brand new, Covid safe, LEGENDS OF COMEDY set to tour the north coast NSW in January 2022! Three of the biggest names in comedy are set to tour with the delightful Ellen Briggs for a short tour of the mid north coast & after a night out with this lot, we wonder if you will ever be the same.

    Trevor Marmalade is an author, comedian, sports nut & radio host who has been entertaining Australia for over 20 years , has become a household name who many would know for his endless witty segments on any number of TV shows and time on “Hey Hey, It’s Saturday” . He teams up with master straight man and corporate comedy favorite Elliot Goblet who has more than 60 standup comedy spots on national TV to his credit. He in turn has brought along Chris “The bloke” Franklin. Chris is one of Australia’s premier comedy stars. He’s an Aussie bloke, from his flannelette shirt to his double plugger thongs. His ‘Hoganesque’ style of comedy appeals to every average Australian and touches on the delicate issues of beer, sport and relationships – he’s also had a number 1 hit single entitled ‘Bloke’. Not bad for someone who cannot sing. Ellen is an author, comedy writer, and professional MC but where she is most at home is on the stage doing stand-up comedy. Early on in her career, she was a finalist in the prestigious RAW Comedy Competition and won a National Foxtel competition that was voted on by peers and managers in the industry.

    Together they are THE LEGEND OF COMEDY supported by Ellen Briggs.

    18+  ONLY EVENT!