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Ever wanted to fly high and defy gravity? 

Always thought it all looked to hard or too much stress on your wrists? In this 3 hr workshop we will deconstruct and practice in-depth common arm balances, inversions and handstands drills with and without props in a fun and safe environment ❤

This workshop is open to all levels! We will work with where you are at, beginners to advanced. Add a new element of fun and fearlessness to your practice in 2021 and face those fears in a safe, fun and playful environment. Bring a friend!


Meet Ben,  Ben is a Registered Nurse in Mental Health, a Firefighter, a qualified Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa Krama and Yin Yoga, a personal trainer, a massage therapist and a lover of handmade jewellery and photography. He has been involved in Yoga, Bodywork and Healthcare for 20 years and is passionate about sharing his love of Yoga, breathwork, bodywork and sound healing with those tired and weary in a world of ever increasing speed. He is heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and the path of Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism) and Dzogchen. In his spare time when not fighting fires, nursing, teaching or running workshops he is an avid traveller and surfer.