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The Holistic Experience - All Inclusive*


Come on the path less travelled – it’s the only path you have to yourself!

You know you’re intelligent, curious, ready. You feel a shift in the world under your feet and you know there’s more to understanding than the rote learning you experienced in school, or the death-by-PowerPoint you’ve endured in your adult life.

Come on the path of holistic learning – one where we unlock the innate, but dormant learner inside you.

We’ve created a learning experience so unique, we believe it’s a first in Australia. One where we offer you the opportunity to rediscover the lifelong learner you were born to be. The one who’s hungry for understanding, who feels there’s a different way to doing things, who is open to knowledge being consumed in a new, holistic way.

Dr. Bruce Copley is a leading holistic animator whose unique presentations at major international conferences and seminars throughout the world consistently achieve the highest ratings and long lasting impressions. Bruce transforms boring and conventional messages and topics into vibrant and captivating learning adventures.

Delegates rediscover the "learner within" thereby insuring that something new is understood or something is newly understood. Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime as Bruce Copley honours us with his presence in Australia for this“Out of this World!” experience.

For this event Dr. Bruce Copley is joined by two esteemed associates: Jeanine Sciacca, who credits Dr. Bruce Copley as the catalyst that “cracked her open” mentally, spiritually & emotionally when she very first attended one of his workshops back in 2002. Jeanine today is a personal development speaker, trainer and coach, certified in the Silva Method & John Maxwell. Through working with Jeanine, you will gain a higher awareness of your Infinite potential and how to tap into it.

Marie Alessi, International Coach and Business Mentor, Speaker, Listener & Facilitator. Marie believes that Personal and Business Growth need to go hand in hand. Her ability to help open your mind and let go of whatever is weighing you down is ingrained, it's in her blood. She is trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy & Family Constellation, just to name a few in her tool-belt.

You can learn little or nothing by sitting in mute surrender before what is being presented.

This is a clarion call for you if you are passionately searching for new and better ways to educate, teach, communicate, manage and/or learn and when you are ready for a HIGHER EDUCATION and a learning adventure unlike anything you have experienced before.

This unforgettable and refreshingly unorthodox retreat, masterfully integrates business and pleasure to create a unique "learning holiday” that has the potential to:

  • Bring about profound changes in the way you learn, unlearn and relearn your life and work.
  • Awaken the learner and artist within you bringing forth your creative and innovative capacities
  • Significantly improve and expand your levels of personal mastery and holistic intelligence.
  • Transform information into fun formation, education into edutainment and sitting practices into moving experiences.

“Out of this World!” is specifically designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors, facilitators, trainers, teachers, coaches, mentors, HR practitioners, parents and business consultants who recognise that there is a growing need and demand to re-humanise the workplace, optimise human potential and productivity and foster personal mastery and organisational learning and innovation.

The Need:

While many business leaders and communicators are able to competently convey information in a structured and predetermined way, few are able to confidently operate in a "learner centred" environment. This demands creativity, innovation, spontaneity and an open ended structure all of which can be very intimidating for even the most experienced individuals. Holistic Education honours the principles and practices of CUSTOMER SERVICE and LEARNING BY RESPONSIBILITY and in this way creates a truly authentic learner focused approach. Information which when broken down means "in formation" or not yet formed, is readily available from countless sources on virtually every subject under the sun.

Something has to happen for information to become "formed" or transformed so that it may result in learning. This "missing link" in education, training and management is acknowledged, defined, explored, experienced and found in our collective adventure.

What's in it for me?

  • Acquiring tools and techniques to design and deliver any message or theme in an effective and captivating way.
  • Gaining insights into learning styles, group dynamics and learning processes
  • Understanding the difference between information and knowledge, knowing and experience, learning and wisdom.
  • Meeting people of like minds, connectworking and sharing your experience/knowledge with others.
  • Facilitating learning within diverse groups.
  • Integrating individual and organisational learning development and initiatives.


Further details about “Out of this World” may be obtained from Jeanine Sciacca, phone: +61 449 159 928, email:, Marie Alessi, phone: +61 415 520 092, email: or from Dr Bruce Copley, email:, website:

Early bird pricing is available until 31/1/2018 (if not sold out prior - places are limited!).
Specials for couples, family, partners or business associates get 20% off the price. To avoid the Booking Site Fees, please book directly with Marie Alessi. For Charities or Social Enterprises, please contact the organisers for a special price!

*All Inclusive: The Ticket Price includes all meals and accommodation!

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