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“This is Louis Tillett in Solo form. He debuted as a true solo artist in the 90s, supporting Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the Lycabetus Stadium in Athens, but has honed his skills in this artform, playing countless gigs, where he set himself the challenge of captivating an audience with only his voice and piano, with much of the “band” implied. This from someone who is know for being a bandleader with Wet Taxis, The Ego Trippers from Hell, The Aspersion Caste, and more recently, The Art of Darkness.

In 2006, his solo album “Soliloquy” earned him the support of the Australia Council for the Arts, and sparked the interest of the National Film and Sound Archives of Australia, who recognised that this Underground Legend, who was a Post-Punk maverick, going on to create a form of Punk-Jazz, and indefinably emotional and evocative music over decades, had "come of age". He was categorised as a Heritage Artist and prioritised for collection and curation of his many albums, and other recordings, and ephemera, by this key Australian establishment. He has spent many years in between Australia and Europe, touring under the same labels and promoters as Steve Wynn, Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle, and being featured in Music magazines and TV Specials in Europe, alongside Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Dr John, John Cale, and other such, similarly iconic artists as his stature “over there” warranted.

He has musical associations with the most innovative and respected musicians in Australia, and the world over. Tonight he will perform a rare 2 hour solo concert, which is guaranteed to leave you understanding why he is so beloved by his fans, and wondering why we don’t see more of him. Whatever you do, don’t find yourself regretting not having seen, at least once in your lifetime, why the Europeans call him Rockpoet Der Nacht...and why so many in the Australian Press find it hard not to unravel and find themselves sounding the apparent cliché...that this man is our own National Living Treasure.”

You can listen to his entire musical catalog for FREE at, with an option to donate, leave a comment or testimonial, or contact him directly.