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Playing songs from throughout their career and also from their current album….
Let’s Get Tight (2017 album from Dave Graney and Clare Moore. CD and digital release)

Melbourne, Australias’ Dave Graney and Clare Moore. The World’s Dave Graney and Clare Moore (songwriters-players-performers-they’re out on their own). The Moodists’ Dave Graney and Clare Moore. The Coral Snakes’ Dave Graney and Clare Moore. The mistLY Dave Graney and Clare Moore.

Recorded from Feb 2016 to March 2017. Concentrating on writing, recording and releasing a digital single every month. Recorded and mixed at their studio in the hills of Melbourne, the Ponderosa.

Dave Graney sings, plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass and some keys.

Clare Moore plays drums, percussion, keys, vibes and marimba and also sings.

Guests on the album include mistLY bass player Stu Thomas on trumpet and backing vocals, Matt Walker on harmonica, Will Hindmarsh and Emily Jarrett from Go Go Sapien on backing vocals.

Drifting Donna Reed is based on a 2007 track recorded by Dave Graney and the mistLY called I Like To Be Haunted and features Stu Thomas on bass, Stuart Perera on guitar and Mark Fitzgibbon on keys.
Georgio “the dove” Valentino plays guitar on I’m Never Off.

All tracks recorded, mixed and produced by Dave Graney and Clare Moore.

Remastered for CD release for people who prefer physical musical artefacts.

Cover art by Tony Mahony who has worked with Graney and Moore since Lure Of The Tropics in 1992.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore played in the Moodists in the 80s and then Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes and nowDave Graney and the mistLY.

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