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Mums Wellbeing Christmas Party

The theme for this special event for mums is 'Celebration and Connection'

The Mums Wellbeing Christmas Party is about celebrating and connecting with wellbeing-minded mums over some bubbles, cupcakes and delicious savoury bites in a gorgeous setting.

This extra special Christmas Party is the perfect opportunity for mums to unwind, relax and be uplifted for two hours as you connect, laugh and reflect on the past 12 months together.

The Details

What: Mums Wellbeing Christmas Party

When: Friday 8th December, 2017

Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Where: Francis Winifred Café

94 Winifred St Oak Park

Why: The Mums Wellbeing Christmas Party was inspired by knowing the power of scheduling in some fun 'mum-time'. During the two hours you will have the opportunity to connect, laugh and reflect on the past 12 months together. Carving out time to connect and celebrate with wellbeing-minded mums is such a valuable wellbeing action.  As mums, we thrive when we support and uplift one another. The Mums Wellbeing Christmas party is all about celebrating motherhood and connecting with wellbeing-minded mums. 

Investment - $30 (mums ticket) includes a glass of champagne and finger food.


Bring a friend along - $50 (mums ticket + friend)