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Didgeridoo Pranayama is a breathing workshop for everyone. It is an experiential workshop, working with the breath to the backbone of the resonance and pulse of the didgeridoo. It is not a learn to play didgeridoo workshop.

This practice combines three meditative processes. Meditation on the primeval sound or Aum. The consciousness altering effects of repetitive breathing patterns, and the meditation of music played with intent and purpose. As we breath together we transcend our individual boundaries and work with group consciousness. 

Participants go on a musical journey with silence as it's backbone. 

Si has developed a personal practice utilising these patterns of breath and has been single pointedly committed to this exploratioin for more than 20 years. He has integrated elements from many cultures of the world, as he has travelled, to create a holistic approach that is fundamentally integrated, grounded and that cultivates vital energy and clarity of thought. 

About Si:

Si explored re-birthing and primal therapy as a teenager and then went on to have a strong interest in Indian culture and spirituality. From this fascination with things of the psyche, he went on to study Medicine at the prestigious University of Western Australia with the ambition to become a psychiatrist. However, a potent experience in India, mid way to finishing his Medical degree, convinced him that he was a didgeridoo player.  Furthermore he knew that this instrument held within itself all of the tools he needed for self development physically, emotionally and spiritually. He renounced the path that was given to him and chose to follow his heart and has single pointedly pursued his passion to this day.

Si acknowledges the inherent spirit in the land of Australia and the custodianship of the didgeridoo by the original people. 

Anglican Hall

42 Stuart Street Mullumbimby Byron 2482, Australia

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Si Mullumby
Si Mullumby

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