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Roots Raga Reggae

Mountain Music Festival

& Fundraiser

Sat 6th Jan 2018

- Sacred World and Indian Classical Music -

@ Kohinur Hall ~ Upper main arm

Mt Jerusalem
This event will share 20% of profits to support
a cause for Fukushima ~

Kick off from :
12 midday - 12 midnight
Beginning the Day in the cool tree shade by a running mt creek
@ Kohinur Hall ~ (Back of the hills from Mullumbimby) with:
Yoga & Workshops
~ Starting with Indian Prayer Dance with Premala Devi ~
(Byron's oldest local Yoga teacher and accomplished belly dancer)
followed by a traditional Chau Sword & Siva Dance workshop with Yogeshwari Giri
2 - 5pm ~ Yoga Class with live music + Vocal warm ups with Kathyrin Riding, Mico Sundari
& Indian Music with Shivam Rath
+ NadaNidra (Yoga Nidra & combined Sound healing)

~ traditional Indian Food from midday.

5pm ~ Opening Ceremony with Indigenous Elder Lewis Walker + Live music from Sunset with international guests & upcomingClassical Masters following on from woodford = a condensed world class event at very local prices ;)
Pre-sale ~ $32.50
(presale tickets also available at Main Arm Shop ~ $30)
on door :
Full price ~ $50
*concession / *local ~ $40
(*please bring valid concession card and/or license / residential address with name)
family price ~ $80 includes 2 adults and 2 children *or 3 adults group price
* children categorized 8 - 18 years. below 8 are free.
Note all ticket sales directly support artists within the fest and the fundraiser for fukushima.
Thank you ~_~
For Artist and Session info
visit ~ www.aumbience.net

@ Mt Jerusalem ~ Upper main arm
Kohinur Hall

~ * ~ Hosted & Organized by Indian Slide Artist Shivam Rath ~ * ~
For more info visit crystal slide.com
& Shen Flindell of Brisbanes Sangeet Mela
For more info visit http://ethnosuperlounge.com/

This event will share 15% of profits to support
Heart for Fukushima
~ Click to Read more ~

Mountain Music Festival Roots & Raga

Welcome from Shivam ~ _ ~

Firstly this is a first of its kind festival organised by musicians for musicians. I am proud to announce that all invited at this stage are of world class standards which I personally validate and thank everyone of them for committing to this special community based event. Secondly this could become an annual event as we are connected with Woodford and world music artists performing from there so it is a special time to be apart of its beginning.

We have already a confirmed line up of international and top notch Indian classical musicians such as Taro Terahara, Tahir Qawwal, Tetsuya & Yuki Kaneko & have decided to bring in more world music artists to bring the event more diversity in sound and vibe such as Si Mullumby and indigenous local Indigenous elder Lewis Walker who will open the ceremony with a welcome to land;
combining this tradition we will bring in Indian Drums & dancers symbolising the union of world cultures and respect to the natives of this land. For the serious music lovers we will culminate a traditional dawn raga for the morning sunrise with our Indian Classical Musicians which will be in a private venue announced later for invited friends & those supporting the festival.

Stage Note: There will be 2 stages alternating during set up and pack up times of each other. The smaller will also act as a space for jam and open circle songs and chanting. Live music will go into the night with ambient, food and chill out zones and room for any artists to meet and get together to play.

Live Music
Following slots are approx estimated times for set up and performance.
*This is not yet fixed*

~ traditional South Indian Lunch & Dinner available ~
From Cafe Notes Murwullimbah 

5:00 ~ 6pm
Ceremony Lewis Walker
feat Indian Dance, drums & welcome ceremony

6 ~ 8 pm
Mountain Music with
Murray Kyle  & Friends

8 - 10 pm
Indian Classical Recital:
( Sunset/ Evening Raga )
~ Saikant ~ Taro ~ Shen ~ Tetsuya
Sitar ~ Bansuri ~ Tabla ~ Pakawach

10 - 12
Tahir & Party
Sufi Soul Sangeet

Following will be : Tahir Qawwal & party
: https://tahirqawwal.com/

Following Secret Artists Performance & Jam Session

~ ? ~

I am coordinating this with Shen Flindell who is a Tabla teacher & performer and the organiser of Australias biggest Indian Classical festival - 4 years running.

Confirmed Artists Coming:
Japan ~ Taro Terahara ~ Bansuri player
Japan~ Tetsuya ~ 1 Pakawach drummer with (indian bass drum; ancient tabla)
Japan ~ Yuki ~ Playing South indian violin
Japan ~ Yuki ~ Drupad Singer and Dance of Siva.
Japan ~ Mico Sundari - Vocals

India ~ Saikat - Sitar.
Australia : Bart Stenhouse
Canada /Australia ~Tahir Qawwal - Voca. & harmonium
Australia ~ Muki - Mrdunga - percussion
Australia ~ Shivam Rath - Slide guitar, Vocal.
Australia - Shen Flindell - Tabla -
Australia - Didge - Lewis Walker.
Australia - Vesica Pisces
Australia: Si Mullumby

+ Surprise / Secret
Community based Artists

The focus & fundraiser: This event is for absolutely creating an intimate and sacred setting of diverse world music in the natural atmosphere atop Mt Jaruselum in upper main arm Mullumbimby.

More Info:

The heart for Fukushima foundation:

Japan is a great country of world music and shows this through its development in many world cultures in one; more than most other countries I have been. So having many artists from there we will also focus on a theme of fundraising with the Heart for Fukushima foundation towards helping The children of Fukushima and sponsor them here to byron for a kind of health retreat in the nature.

20% of our funds will go to :
"The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial"
https://www.facebook.com/fukushimasokai/ ( FB page)
https://fukusima-sokai.blogspot.com.au/ ( Official site in Japanese)
http://fukushima-evacuation-e.blogspot.com.au/ (Official site in English)

A Call for Working Together to Enact the Chernobyl Law in Japan

Heart for Fukushima
~ Click to Read more ~

The intention: To make an amazing world class vibe in this local setting by the national park in Mt Jaruselum. We hope you share our enthusiasm in creating this magical new years event.

Pranams and respect
Shivam Rath
Mt Jerusalem

Organiser Information

Shivam Rath
Shivam Rath

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