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Autism Puberty & Post School Transitioning Workshop
For teachers, health professionals, community support workers & families of Autistic individuals

Nelle Frances' new workshop is the culmination of many years of research, her extensive experience with clients and her personal lived experience.

The one day course provides a detailed description of how Puberty presents in individuals with Autism, including internal and external factors that can trigger sensory responses. Participants are provided with strategies for guiding these teens through the puberty process, analysing the heightened sensory issues experienced during this time. Discussion includes the vulnerabilities commonly displayed in Autistic teens.

Nelle delivers a practical model for successful Post-school Transition, and provides step-by-step guiding templates. Participants will case-manage a scenario in small groups, and then conference the merits versus the limitations of proposed plans for greater understanding.

Nelle will draw on her extensive clinical experience to share with participants a variety of anecdotes show-casing the diversity of the Autistic community during this transitioning age.

Workshop outcomes:

  • detailed description  of Autism characteristics
  • explanation of neurological & biological processes during meltdown
  • detailed step-by-step management of meltdown
  • recognise + link sensory issues and behaviour
  • understanding of puberty and sensory issues
  • practical model of post-school transition
  • hands-on scenario "case management" collaboration

The day concludes with question time


Families, Carers, Teachers, Psychologists, Speechies, OT's, Nurses, Community Support Workers of Autistic individuals 

Nelle Frances is - author *Ben and His Helmet series * Sustainable Social Skills Programme* Asperger Child - Simply Explained   * Sensory Detective® programparent of a child with Autism, Consultant, Special Needs Educator,  Facilitator of AS Adult Social Group (18-35's).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Contribution (6 hours):- Please retain your Certificate of Attendance as a record of CPD. Workshop aligns with Australian Professional Teaching Standards (AITSL) and links to key learning areas within the Australian Curriculum

Registration commences at 8:30am.

By registering for this workshop you have agreed that you consent to and understand the following:-


As a condition of attending and participating in the Sensory Detective Workshop™ ("Workshop") operated by Nelle Frances ("Trainer"), I hereby acknowledge and agree:


  1. I will act reasonably in accordance with any instructions given to me during the Workshop to allow the full benefits of the Workshop to be achieved. I will not hold any person involved with providing the Workshop liable for any injury, harm, loss, consequential loss or expense as a result of participation in the Workshop or use of the Trainer's material and knowledge, except where such liability cannot be excluded by law.

    Information and Materials
  2. In the course of participating in the Workshop, I may view or receive training, instructions, directions, publications, presentations, demonstrations, information or other material or knowledge from the Trainer (Workshop material and knowledge)
  3. The Workshop material and knowledge may be provided orally, in writing, or in any other form.
  4. Workshop material and knowledge comprises the intellectual property and other rights of the Trainer, including:
    - Copyright in all materials (including without limitation, powerpoint presentations, handouts, Workshop transcripts and manuals)
    - Confidential and proprietary information developed by the Trainer

    Nothing in this deed or my participation in the Workshop conveys any interest of a proprietary nature, and in particular, does not transfer any interest in the Trainer's intellectual property rights.
    Permitted use
  5. I may apply any learnings from the Workshop to everyday activities, but will only use the Workshop material and knowledge for my own personal and professional development.
    Restrictions on use
  6. I will not distribute, modify, communicate, reproduce, publish, or otherwise deal with the Workshop material or knowledge without the express written permission of the Trainer.
  7. I will not use, apply or incorporate the Workshop material or knowledge into any training, lecture, program, exercise, demonstration, publication, or other product or service, in whole or part, without the express written permission of the Trainer.
  8. I will not encourage or allow another person to deal with the Workshop material or knowledge in a way restricted by paragraphs 6 or 7 above.
  9. These restrictions on use will remain for as long as the Workshop material and knowledge is capable of protection at law.
  10. The Trainer would suffer financial and other loss and damage if the Workshop material and knowledge were used or disclosed otherwise than in accordance with this deed and monetary damages would be an insufficient remedy.
  11. This deed is governed by the law of Queensland.

Media Permission

1. In the promotion of the SENSORY DETECTIVE WORKSHOP we may want to use photographs / video footage of your participation and debrief of the workshop.

2. The document gives Nelle Frances permission to use still or moving pictures of you for purposes associated with the promotion of the Sensory Detective Workshop.

3. By signing this form you are agreeing that Nelle Frances has permission to use your image and/or video footage for the purpose mentioned. Nelle Frances may record any sound / or vision of you whilst you are completing the Workshop activities.

4. I give permission to Nelle Frances to use this sound / vision for:

a. Media activities such as newspaper articles, brochures, television advertisements and promotional material;
b. Future media activities which would assist with further promotions for Nelle Frances;
c. Promoting and advertising of the Sensory Detective Workshop.

5. I understand that I will not be paid by Nelle Frances for giving this permission.

Cancellation Policy:  Notification of cancellation received in writing no less that 3 days prior to the workshop will be refunded less $30- processing fee. No refunds will be given within 72 hours of the workshop.

Disclaimer: The information, articles and opinions contained in workshops and presentations are those of Nelle Frances, provided for information, general education and support purposes only. The information is not intended to, nor does it, constitute medical or treatment advice. Nelle Frances disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from the information provided in her Interactive Sensory Detective Workshop and Keynote Presentations.

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