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Resin Jewellery Workshop

This workshop is a wonderful introduction to the world of resin and shows you how much fun resin is. You'll create a variety of different pieces of jewellery and come away with a whole lot more ideas than we can possibly fit into the workshop.

Pouring resin in bezels and moulds

What this course is all about:

This is a 4.5 hour course and it covers all aspects of how to work with both UV resin and 2 part epoxy resin including:

  • safety and preparation tips;
  • an explanation of the different types of resins;
  • pouring, layering, embedding and coating, using a variety of ephemera, found objects and other interesting elements;
  • a range of colouring techniques; and
  • basic jewellery making techniques.

Whispy Marbling technique

What you'll make:

In the workshop you will be working with two different types of resin. You will create many pieces some of which will be finished in class, whilst others will need to cure for 24 hours before they can be finished. These can be collected the day after the workshop or posted to you if you prefer. You will use plastic and silicone moulds as well as jewellery bezels (including open-backed bezels) and other objects to contain the resin. All the pieces you create in the workshop are yours to keep. If you select Option 2 (please see below) you will also take home the class kit, and comprehensive class notes which will be an invaluable tool to refresh your memory about the finer points covered in the workshop. You'll have sufficient resin left to create many more pieces at home.

Trendy pastel resin pendants

What instruction you'll receive:

Classes are restricted in size so you receive individual instruction and you will leave the workshop confident that you can continue casting at home.

What to bring:

A long sleeved shirt. Everything else is provided.

Additional Information:

Pieces poured with slow curing resin will take 24 hours to cure and will need to be collected after the workshop. If this is not convenient, arrangements can be made to post them to you.

The Resin Jewellery Workshop is available in 3 different options:

  • Option 1 - Tuition and all materials required
  • Option 2 - Tuition plus the take home Resin Kit
  • Option 3 - Purchase a Gift Certificate (for either Option 1 or 2)

Option 1 - $170

4.5 hour workshop - class materials and tuition only. You'll take home all the items that you make once they have cured.

This is a fun option for anyone just wanting to have a go and learn what working with resin is all about.

Option 2 - $260

4.5 hour workshop including kit valued at approximately $120 which is yours to keep so you can keep creating at home.

This is a great option for anyone wanting to make gifts for their family and friends. Kit includes everything you need to continue creating your own resin jewellery pieces at home including a jewellery mould, two different kinds of resin and resin dye.

The kit includes all materials required for creating your own jewellery (excluding jewellery bezels and findings):

  • 500ml epoxy resin
  • 1oz UV resin
  • transparent resin dye
  • plastic jewellery mould
  • mould release and conditioner
  • all safety equipment
  • mixing cups and stirrers
  • wet/dry sanding paper
  • comprehensive class notes

Option 3 - Gift Certificate - Buy the Experience

$170 (workshop only); $260 (workshop and kit)

Purchase a Gift Certificate for a 4.5 hour workshop.

Give the gift of a great experience: ideal for the person who likes to be hands on or who has everything. The gift certificate can be used to purchase Option 1 workshop or Option 2 workshop.

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