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Bar Available from 5.15pm  in the Heritage Room, Ground Floor.

Dr Perelman's talk will be in the Auditorium from 6pm till 7pm.

Dr Les Perelman, former Director of Writing and Assessment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [M.I.T.] has been commissioned by the Teachers Federation to develop an academic paper to contribute to the debate about dismantling the existing NAPLAN assessment regime and replacing it with processes that are beneficial to all students and school communities and be respectful of teacher professional judgement.

Dr Perelman, a world leading figure in writing and assessment theory and practice will present his paper on May 4. His paper will:

  • provide a critique of the existing NAPLAN and place it in a comparative global context;

  • reveal how it can be gamed and thereby inevitably contribute to lower standards;

  • provide a framework for what a truly worthwhile national assessment might entail.

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