Bonsai Presentation 23/03/18 Free Ticket


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Ofer Grunwald will present an audio-visual presentation “Bonsai: From Traditional Art-form To Contemporary Artistic Practice”. Starting off with a fundamental and quick review of the art, the what’s, how’s and why’s behind it. From there progress to general art trends towards abstraction in the past few decades, and then dive into the fascinating and unique aspects of trying to use bonsai as a medium for contemporary artistic expression. From its unique opportunities, to its exasperating challenges. 

Ofer Grunwald is a 35 year old bonsai practitioner working mainly in Israel and Europe. He has been doing bonsai for about a decade, but his professional training began in 2008, when he started studying under Italian master artisan Enrico Savini, and his Progetto Futuro bonsai school.  Enrico and Progetto Futuro quickly became one of the dominant and most influential schools in Western bonsai. In recent years, Progetto Futuro have driven the revolution of modern bonsai in Europe, re-defining the art-form across the continent.

Today, alongside his ongoing bonsai work, Ofer is constantly striving to push the limits of our medium and to take bonsai to new artistic heights both locally and internationally.  Ofer has exhibited, demonstrated, lectured and published internationally and we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to meet this inspirational artist.

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