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Have you ever thought to be part of a festival where diverse art forms such as dance, painting, film, healing & therapeutic modalities, yoga, chi gong as well as martial arts can be part of the experience? Unity Space presents East Point West - IFE, a one-of-a-kind festival where you can experience diverse disciplines from across the world to find integration, unity and evolution in your art form as well as in life.

The festival is supported by KLPAC & DPAC two art organisations that support the arts in KL for many years.

Together we endeavour to bring unity in the arts across disciplines, cultures and continents.


Each artist can choose one performance-workshop which will lead to a performance.


Anton Lachky - Puzzle Work (open to Intermediate & advanced)

Edivaldo Ernesto - Depth Movement (open to Intermediate & advanced)

Judith Sanchez Ruiz - Your Own God (open to all levels)

Inaki Azpillaga - Powerful and Fragile (open to all levels)

Vangelis Legakis - Embodied Unity (open to all levels and non professionally trained dancers)


Each participant can choose two elective workshop each week


David Matan - Gaga

Yin Yue - FoCo Technique

Xin Xie - Techniques of Body Connection

Simon Thakur - Ancestral Movement (TBC)

Celine Robineau - Contact Improvisation 1 (TBC)

Yasukichi Suzuki - Contact Improvisation 2

Nashwa Bliss - Cosmic Dance

Other Disciplines Electives

Pham Huong Trang - Yoga Hatha & Ashtanga

Marlene Consoli - Yoga Therapeutic

Jessica Gabrielli - FoldenMove

TBA - Yoga Kundalini

TBA - Chi Gong

TBA - Tai Chi

TBA - Martial Arts

TBA - Body Mind Centering

TBA - Massage