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The Quantum Mind, The Overself Awakening and The Keys of Enoch®

A 2-day seminar with Ulli Granögger, Academy For Future Science Europe, and Darren Curtis & Bradley Pitt, Academy for Future Science Australia.

Dates: Saturday 28 April & Sunday 29 April 2018.

Location: Adelaide (Magill), South Australia. 

10:30-5:30pm daily. 


❇️How to change the cognitive and psycho-energetical matrix of our individual access to reality.

❇️Opening the "time-locks" in our brains so we can work directly with Higher Consciousness.

❇️ Sacred sound & music and a new connection with our Overself. 

❇️ Opening of the higher chakras and energy body.

❇️The Overself Awakening: A Guide for the Schoolhouse of the Soul.

❇️Latest spiritual-scientific synthesis connected with the teaching of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®.

This seminar will focus on the latest spiritual-scientific synthesis connected with the teaching of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®. Ulli will take you in "The Nine Ways of Bon" in the light of The Keys of Enoch, which gives us a blueprint for how to change the cognitive and psycho-energetical matrix of our individual access to reality. In these nine step functions we are enabled to open the "time-locks" in our brains until we can work directly with the Highest Orders of Light as the New Adam Kadmon. Ulli will use meditation exercises involving our space-time seals and an understanding of the "world of negative mass" to facilitate a deeper experience of the teaching.

Darren and Bradley will discuss the awakening of the Overself, and techniques based on the consciousness sciences and Sacred Music connected with The Keys of Enoch. Can we experience Higher dimensions through sacred sound and a new connection with our true Self?

Through the Divine Names revealed to the ancients, we connect with new transformational linguistics into an activated Light Body. With the Sacred Names, we can understand the consciousness power of Divine science, which not only governs the sacred geometry of the temples around the world, but also the mathematics of the universe.

Come and share in the work of the Ammi Shaddai - the family of God. In these challenging times, we can use the Divine Energy and activate the power of the Shekinah to work miracles in our life, to understand our connection with the infinite way.

The seminar will include fascinating audio and video material, and involve music and prayer as major educational tools for the soul.

Please bring a copy of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch if you have a copy *This is not a requirement* 

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Dates: Saturday 28 April & Sunday 29 April 2018.

Time: Commences 10.30 am and concludes 5.30 pm each day (registration from 10.00 am).

Location: Room C1-60, Building C, Uni SA Magill Campus, St Bernards Road, MAGILL SA 5072.

Parking: On-street parking is available nearby; paid off-street parking is available on campus.

Lunch: There is a café on campus, as well as numerous cafés, shops and supermarkets nearby on Magill Road. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own lunch.

Cost: $125 + booking fee ($4.50) for two days; $85 + booking fee ($3.50) for one day.

Registration: Go to

For further information, please contact Darren on 0430 837 354 or email

*Please note arrangements can be made if you wish to stay for extra day on the Sunday if you book 1 day ticket on Saturday.


Ulli Granögger

Researcher Ulrike Granögger has been lecturing for 20 years on perspectives of bringing science and spirituality together based on the best-selling book The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak. She has worked with Russian Prof. V.P. Kaznacheev and Dr. A.V. Trofimov of the Institute of Anthropoecology in Novosibirsk and was scientific editor of their English publication (titled Reflections on Life and Intelligence) of experiments on the consciousness effects of the “Kozyrev Mirror” and the epigenetic effects of the “hypo-magnetic chamber”.

Extensive research has been carried out with Hartmut Müller on the interscalar model of the universe that shows a mathematical interconnectedness of all scales of matter-energy, from the cosmological to the biological down to the interactions of subatomic particles. She has lectured in Cairo, Egypt with the group of Dmitri Pablov (Hypercomplex Systems) looking at the nature of pyramidal spaces.

In her workshops she links science, Eastern and Western scripture and meditation to teach a transformative experience for the human mind, at the same time warning of the subtleties of “mind control” and an impending “transhumanist” future.

Ulrike is a leading member of J.J. Hurtak’s Academy For Future Science where she has been involved in the translation and publication of numerous titles based on biblical scriptural studies and the cosmology of The Keys of Enoch.

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University of South Australia, Magill Campus room C1-60

Saint Bernards Road Magill Campbelltown 5072, Australia

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Darren Curtis
Sacred Resonance (AFFS Australia)

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