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FrequenSea 001 - Takkesh and Didgeridoo Pranayama


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Frequensea sessions is a multi-disciplined immersion in movement, breath and meditation co-guided by SurfFlow founder Takkesh alongside Si Mullumby and Jon Worlsey.from Didgeridoo Pranayama and Sound of Hemp. All three facilitators share a common love of the ocean, of movement and breathing practices, the name FrequenSea representing waves, wavelengths and the ocean. 

TIX are $52.49 online and $60 on the door. 

Flow of the Event: 

Participants will begin with an intention setting meditation backed by the powerful resonance of the didgeridoo to set the context for the journey. 

Takkesh will then lead a full Surf Flow yoga sequence which will be powerfully and skilfully backed by world-renowned musician Si playing didgeridoo, Spanish guitar and percussion. Si will then go on to lead his unique, uplifting breathing practice for the first time on the Gold Coast - Didgeridoo Pranayama supported by Jon Worsley. 

Finally Dream Drone founding members Jon and Si will hold space for a prolonged and sublime savasana. The long drone tones saturating body and mind, integrating the new-found life force energy and clarity. 

As humanity expands in awareness, different practices and pursuits merge together in recognition of the common threads underpinning us all. This era is a new and exciting time to be exploring and empowering ourselves through practicing new ways of movement and breath. 

More about Takkesh: 

Takkesh is well known in the surf + yoga + fitness industry and respected as a surfer, yoga teacher, man of integrity as a loving father & partner. Takkesh Mizoguchi-Thorne founder at SurfFlow, has used practices learned from capoeira, yoga, bodywork therapy and insight from world-class teaches that have not only helped to improve his surfing technique but also his lifestyle. With an obvious passion for surfing, Takkesh has developed his training programs and workshops, to teach others the techniques to develop movement patterns & way of life. Surf flow is a combination of movement patterns I have created that I do before I surf or enjoy the ocean. This form of movement involves flowing the body to prevent injury and create new patterns of movement within the body. Taking that energy from the movement out into the meditative space within the ocean than carrying that through into your day.

More about Didigeridoo Pranayama: 

World-renowned musician Si Mullumby has developed a unique, uplifting workshop using the sound of didgeridoo, meditation and breath-work to cultivate prana - life-force energy. Experience the powerful resonance of the didgeridoo that will guide a collective journey through breath into a grounded, blissful state of energy and clarity. From meditation on sacred sound of Aum, you’ll transition into the special repetitive breathing technique, held in motion by the vibration of the didgeridoo. Experience the primeval, rhythmic oscillations that will activate the para-sympathetic nervous system to ground and connect you to spirit. Didgeridoo Pranayama is a workshop that offers all the virtues of playing didgeridoo without all the years that it takes to master. For the first time Si is sharing his life’s work exploring the power of breathing patterns as a tool for actively exploring the inner realms.

Currumbin Ecovillage

639 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Gold Coast 4223, Australia

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Si Mullumby
Si Mullumby

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