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Iranian House of Music's Grand Charity Concert

Iranian House of Music will be conducting a collaborative Charity Concert to support the survivors of the recent earthquake in Kermanshah/Kurdistan, IRAN.
This event will feature five well-known Iranian ensembles and orchestras playing a diverse genre of repertoire made up of variety of beautiful melodies and songs (we will introduce our participating ensembles in subsequent posts). Our concert will also be featuring auctions and exhibitions in between the live performances. Catering services will be available during the concert, and their revenue will kindly be dedicated to the rest of donations.
All the donations will join the funds collected from around Australia to invest in an infrastructural development project that yields public benefits in a poorly resourced region in Kermanshah district. All the donors will be updated on a regular basis once a project has been secured and launched.
This event will be carried out through a collaboration with “OASIS Charity” and the “Support for Iranian survivors (SUFIS)” campaign.

Entry Fee: minimum of $35 *
* All the participating artists and volunteers have been dedicating their time, artistic skills and services in an exchange for nothing but love. Your presence and donations before, during and after this event will help us maximise the monetary output of this event, and hopefully will make a substantial support of the victims and survivors.
A basic entry fee of $35 is set to encourage more donations. You can generously choose to donate more when purchasing your ticket, or during the concert. 

- There is no age restriction for this event. However, we do encourage the parents to show courtesy for the audience and respect the in-hall discipline if they intend to bring their young children. 
- You are required to book a seat for kids older than 2 years old. Younger kids will not require an entry pass or tickets. 

Petersham Town Hall

107 Crystal Street Petersham Marrickville 2049, Australia

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Iranian House Of Music - NSW
Iranian House Of Music - NSW

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